Banner Day!

November 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

Well, it seems like all the shit ads are posted all at once!  I’ll try to be brief…  ;)

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Only been a “broody”?  Come on people, show a little professionalism!  And what the hell?  “a 2002 model”?  Fuck me.  She’s 8 years old, and nothing crazy-special and you can’t even list a price?  Not to mention all the info that’s missing!  She’s a “bay broodmare”… hmmm, is bay a breed?  NOT!  Wow, come ON people!  If she’s such a wonderful broodmare, why are you selling her?  What have her previous offspring been like?  Are they accomplishing anything??

I won’t even bother with “the list” for this one, because I think the score is about a 3.5 or so!

Click on the photo to see it full sized, and then hit back to return to this page.

My first problem with this ad, that may not be apparent, is that it’s been running over and over again for over six months… with no changes whatsoever.  So, if she’s “slimming down and looks great”, I’m assuming some time over the last six or so months you could have grabbed your camera and taken a fucking picture or two!  Really?

You list her sire and dam, but don’t mention whether Robin can be registered or anything…  Do you think she’s worth $3500 because she’s a Krazy Kolor??

Ok, so lets fill in the blanks here.  For my list of the bare minimum requirements and why, go here.  What does the ad for Robin contain?

  • Breed  ✔
  • Papers:  ✖
  • Age  ✔
  • Height  ✖
  • Professional Training  ✔
  • Shots / Vet  1/2 marks
  • Farrier  1/4 marks
  • Shows  ✖
  • Health Issues  ✖
  • Personality  1/2 marks
  • Other Info  1/2 marks

So, Robins owner gets a 5.25 out of a possible 11.  Not quite a pass here either.

Click on the photo to see it full sized, and then hit back to return to this page.

Now, my first question for this idiot is why the hell they think someone would trade a two year old for a six month old?  The ONLY reasons I can come up with are:

  1. the 2YO was started so poorly they thought they might try a “do over”
  2. the 2YO is of such poor breeding they’ll do anything to get rid of it
  3. the 2YO is so mean they have to tranquilize it to groom it

Well, you get where I’m going with this…

Anyway, I’m also a bit confused as to WHY you have a 6 month old… did you breed it?  If so, then just sell it.  Did you buy it?  If so, why?  If you bought a baby for the kiddies to play with, did you not think of the possibility that they’d want to ride their horse?  Or did someone else just not want the poor thing and pawn it off on you, and now you’re trying to get something in return for no investment on your own, huh?

And by the way idiot?  You can’t ride a two year old!!!  You can put tack on a 2YO, and walk it around, and do all the things you should already be doing with the 6 month old… But you’ll be doing that for at least another year!  And you certainly shouldn’t be doing “english and possibly some jumping” nor any barrel racing any time soon!

Oh God, there’s THREE more.  I’ll save them for tomorrow…

Or, apparently, another day as I’ve found a couple of news articles that I just couldn’t believe, so had to post.



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