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November 7, 2010 § 1 Comment

Lets talk about Circle H Ranch in Sault St. Marie Ontario.

They recently hit the news with multiple complaints about their care (or lack thereof) of their horses.


Local Humane Society Investigates Claims of Neglect and Abuse

Craig Huckerby for
Thursday, July 29, 2010, 1:11PM Exclusive Coverage

Photo of Oliver a month ago – his health problem is unknown
One look at this horse and you can’t help but think there’s something wrong with it.

15 year old Whitney Robson thinks she knows what’s wrong with the two year old horse named Oliver. “He’s not being taken care of properly – a two year old horse does not look like that” Robson said.

She should know since she says Oliver is her horse. Oliver was born at the Circle H Ranch in Sault Ste. Marie. The Case Road stable has been around for decades giving out pony rides and renting stalls.

In the last several years however, several complaints have been made on the Stable and its owners, Rebecca and Albert Hurley.

It was the Hurley’s that gave the new born horse to Whitney as a thank you for all the volunteer work she has done at the farm since she was a young girl. That work included mucking stalls, feeding the animals, grooming them and any other work that was required.

Shot of Oliver taken July 6, 2010
“The Hurley’s were like family to us” Robson said noting that she and her Mother were frequently there to help out the farm and also paid for food and vet care on Oliver’s mother, Naomi.

The complaints have also got the attention of the Sault Ste. Marie Humane Society which has led to orders being issued on the farm, one of those orders is to have Oliver vet checked to determine the cause of his illness or if his condition is from neglect.

Robson says the conditions at the farm are deplorable and the Hurley’s no longer have the means and resources to look after 47 horses and other animals located at the Circle H ranch.

Rebecca Hurley tells a different story though. She claims Oliver’s condition is from Whitney riding the animal when it was much too young and whipping the horse. Rebecca Hurley would not do an on camera interview nor would she allow cameras on her property.

Hurley did invite us back to film the farm and to talk to us, however she required a week to think about it. She has not returned our calls or made contact with us since.

The dispute between the Robson’s and the Hurley’s has led to both Whitney and her Mother, Rochella being barred from the farm and the Hurley’s say the horses do not belong to the Robsons. “We didn’t say they could have the horse” Rebecca Hurley told

Whitney attempted to rescue Oliver from the farm only to be stopped by Police. It’s then that Whitney snapped two photos with her cell phone on the condition of Oliver – who when Whitney saw for the last time in September was healthy and “looking like a horse should be”

Whitney claims that Oliver is just one of several horses that are suffering from neglect at the farm.

“I’ve seen both sides” Whitney said, “I know what they do – they hear of the authorities are coming to check out the place and we had to make sure the barn looked good for them” Whitney said. “I spent two days, 6 hours at a time just cleaning out a goat’s pen”

Whitney claims several horses and other animals including a dog has died from severe neglect at the farm over the last several years.

The complaints also come from former volunteers at the ranch citing much the same as Whitney has.

Cindy Ross, Manager at the Sault Ste. Marie Humane Society warns however that it may not be a cut and dry case, “Oliver’s condition isn’t necessarily from being under fed” Ross said, “we are waiting on the vet report to determine the problem”

Meanwhile Ross said that the Hurley’s are cooperating and complying with the orders. “We can take further action and seize animals if they are non-compliance” Ross said.

For Whitney however, she just wants one thing – Her Oliver back and moved to a new farm where he will receive the “proper care” She would also like to see the rest of the animals re-homed.


So, why is the article named “Parelli Natural Horse.Man.Ship”?  Because if you look on their (free) webpage (here) they go on about every stallion and how they’re training them with Parelli Natural Horse.Man.Ship.  On this particular horse, Levi, in the first line they say he is “currently un-shown”, but then “sets the slab for a perfect balanced horse, passing on the looks, personality, and willingness to all his foals.   Excelling in halter, performance, cutting, and racing, this boy is a bit of everything all rolled into one handsome package.”  So, which is it?  Has he shown or not?  Or do you just assume this stuff?  And “sets the slab”???  Good God.

And what’s with all the close-ups of the stallions?  And the crazy cut-outs?  Not one single photo of the stallions standing sideways, front on and back on, so people can actually SEE the conformation?  How the hell do you even make ANY money off a site like that?  It is the MOST unprofessional website imaginable.

Her stallion Romeo is positive for OLWS (Overo Lethal White Syndrome) and she thinks testing the foals is important.  What about testing the mares?  If you breed two OLWS positive horses together… well guess what happens?  Duuuh.  Why wouldn’t you demand this?

She didn’t stand her stallions at stud for 2010.  I can’t imagine why.  What with all the news out there, and the people talking about her… it’s better to “not stand to the public” than to just have no business anyway.  This way it’s your decision, right?

They’re also not accepting boarders right now either.  BUT, they do have a “Parelli Play Center coming soon”!


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