Complete Lack of Info

November 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Wow, what really is going to attract people to this ad?  The fact that you uploaded some (shitty) photos of your nine year old untrained horse?

Click on the photo to see it full sized, and then hit back to return to this page.

The utterly complete lack of info?

Here’s a few questions for ya, aside from the usual list (for which, BTW you would get approximately a 0.25 mark)…

Why is your horse nine years old and not trained??

Why would anyone want to pass that neck, that short skinny neck that’s actually shorter than the horses head, onto offspring?

Nice Neck

Just like with people, not everyone who can have a baby should.

She needs someone to train her?  Why don’t you take 15 minutes per day and spend it on ground work with her?  Do that for even TEN days, and you will notice a huge difference!  Why pass your problems onto someone else?

I guaran-fucking-tee it that this horse will end up sooner or later on a truck bound for VIANDE RICHELIEU MEAT in Quebec.


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