Looking for a Cheap Horse

November 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Ok, so on my page “How to Write a Proper Horse Ad” I noted:

If someone is searching online to buy a horse, they are looking for the right horse for them.  They already have a general capability list, age, personality and look/breed (hopefully in that order) in their head.  Well, at least they should!  They want a horse to fit their needs and their lifestyle.  So whether they’re looking for a bomb-proof older been-there-done-that trail horse or a high-end show jumper — they know what they want.

Fuck me, apparently I was wrong.

Click on the photo to see it full sized, and then hit back to return to this page.

I can only hope this is a kid…

Now, if I had a horse, any horse, for sale I would not contact this person.  Why?  Because “cheap cheap” seems to be the most important quality they’re looking for.  Oh, wait, “nice color” came first.  O.M.F.G.

First off, I understand you are looking for basically a trail horse.  So look for a fucking trail horse!  And if you can barely afford to buy a horse, are you sure you can actually afford to keep a horse??


Wow, only one day later, and there’s another ad!


And now we find out their barn is being rebuilt, so they’d like you to keep the horse for them over the winter!  What the fuck is wrong with this person??  Not only do they want a “CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP” horse, but they’re SO cheap they want to find the perfect horse for themselves, and let YOU pay to keep it for them!  Probably without even a deposit!

Listen kid, grow the hell UP and get the fuck OFF the internet.


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