Really? $450.00??

November 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

So, you have a four year old QH, probably unpapered, that’s not even broke to ride… but you want $450??

Click on the photo to see it full sized, and then hit back to return to this page.

Just for fun, lets look at our little list.

  • Breed  ✔
  • Papers:  ✖
  • Age  ✔
  • Height  ✔
  • Professional Training  ✖
  • Shots / Vet  ✖
  • Farrier  ✖
  • Shows  ✖
  • Health Issues  ✔
  • Personality  1/2 marks
  • Other Info  ✖

So, 4.5 out of a possible 11… another failure, although maybe not quite as bad as some I’ve seen.

So, what drew me to this ad?  Well, the fact that it seems as though you have done almost nothing with this horse as far as training is concerned.  Ok, so, you’ve put some tack on it.  Wow.  Does it lead?  How is it with the vet and farrier?  Longing?

I guess what really pisses me off here, is that this person seems to think that their literally untrained horse is worth $450!  I mean, they don’t even go on about all the fantastic quarter horses in her bloodlines, so you know that is not a selling point either!  So, really, what makes you think your horse is worth $450??  The fact that it eats, shits and breathes?  She might be worth $100 to a kill buyer, since she looks relatively healthy and in good weight… but she’s certainly not of great height or conformation…

So, tell me, what makes your horse worth $450 in this market?  I’ve seen rescue horses being sold for less, and they have a hell of a lot more training than yours!


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