You’re RIDING that Horse??

November 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Wow, this one really pissed me off this morning.

Click on the photo to see it full sized, and then hit back to return to this page.

That horse is only ONE year old, and “he is a good horse to ride and is getting better“??  He should be only trained with ground training right now.  You know, leading, halter, picking up feet, cross tying, you know, ground work!  Meaning your feet are on the ground.  He is waaaaay too young to be ridden.  Maybe put some tack on him, get him used to that.  Then, in about another nine months or so, back him.  That means, gently get on, sit, then get off.  Then, over the next year, well, start riding him for 10-15 minutes at a walk.

You say he’s 14 hands, but could “possibly” get bigger… well, let me tell ya something… he should get bigger.  Why?  Because he’s still fucking GROWING you asshole.  So get the fuck off that horse, put him in a field for a few months to try and reverse the damage you’ve already done, and come back to training later.

All you are doing, right now, is ensuring that horse will be lame before it’s ten years old.  But of course, you won’t have him then, so what do you care, right?  The new owner will have to foot the bills for hock injections, etc.  Or, sadly, they’ll be heartbroken when he has to be put down at a young age.  Worst case scenario, he’s on a truck for the slaughter house (I pray we’re not still slaughtering horses in ten years though).

I won’t even get into your horses conformation, but I will say at least you use some periods and commas.  On a side note, it’s the exact polar opposite of this ad.



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