You’ve GOT to be Kidding

December 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

This was on Kijiji out of Quebec:

French Ad

This is the English translation:

Hello dear fans.

I have in my possession 20 thoroughbred pony express”line.” For financial reasons, they are for sale. I intended to record a slaughterhouse to provide meat pony, a virgin market until now in Quebec.

The price could be negotiable, for legal reasons, I can not shoot them for meat without registration but you can contact me to have arranged. I also 200 pounds of meat .. horse has settled. All chilled.

Contact me only at 418-627-9074, by phone merci.Juste please.

$ 250 / each

First off, this is highly illegal.  From what I can tell, he is offering twenty thoroughbred horses for sale, but intends to sell them to people for meat – and slaughter them himself.  A “virgin” market until now in Quebec.  He already has 200 pounds of horse meat in the refrigerator waiting for you to purchase it!

As you can see, his phone number is 418-627-9074

His address is:  222 Rue Samson, Vanier, QC G1M 3E7

And from the ad below, his name is Gignac.

He is also apparently a Pilates instructor:

French Ad

English translation:

Hello my beautiful people!

A little plump? Unable to scratch the rash as freely bourlet your tent to prevent you NOT EVEN ASK YOU.

And quite frankly, it’s time to come train with me. I am recently certified in Pilates techniques with yoga component and so on, so you can eventually dominate your famous bourlet, while being more flexible …

Call me now, I charge $ 10 an hour at my first 50 customers!
418-627-9074 ask for beautiful Gignac

Yeah, because Pilates and horse slaughter go hand in hand.

Someone please call the police on this guy!!  I mean, fuck, I would but I don’t speak French!!


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