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December 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit… we’re working on getting a horse out of a bad situation (neglect) and it’s taking up all of my time.  And frankly, all of my brain power – between the planning, phone calls, going there to “visit” the horse to feed and water her (they’re doing absolutely nothing), and worrying.

I’m also keeping a blog going about it, but haven’t published it yet.  They don’t have electricity (!), so it’s not like they’re going to stumble across it online or anything, but I just want it all said and done, and the horse safe here, before anything is public.  I’ll link to it later.

Other than that, I hear there is a “big conference” in Vegas this week.  The “big conference” is essentially Sue Wallis trying to get horse slaughter legalized in the US again.

I only have two words for that bitch… “fuck you”.  (And trust me, I almost used “the C word” instead of bitch…)

Personally, I have never seen so much bullshit come out of one persons mouth in my entire life.


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