Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada…

January 14, 2011 § 6 Comments


Their website.  And funny enough, the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada sounds eerily like the Equine Welfare Alliance… unfortunately the former is not nearly as upfront about their true agenda as the latter.

Mr. Bill desBarres of Alberta who is the Chair of HWAC went down to Vegas to be part of the “The Summit of the Horse“.  Don’t bother clicking the link, better yet, read any post at Straight From the Horses Heart (specifically, click the subject “Sue Wallis” and be ready to sit and read informative pieces about what’s going on with this public official and the slaughter industry she so hopes to get started back up in Wyoming – of course it wouldn’t financially benefit her at alllll….)

Watch the news video:

According to the HWAC this is what it was about:

A gathering of men and women who make their living with horses, and those who care deeply about ecological balance on healthy lands. A summit of concerned citizens who understand what is necessary to keep the land, the horses, the people, the cultures, and the economies vibrant and healthy.

This is the email I just sent Mr. desBarres:

I am wondering why a group that promotes “humane handling of horses throughout all their life stages” is so pro-slaughter.

I don’t understand this.  Why not promote responsible breeding to end the so-called need for slaughter?  Why not promote humane euthanasia as a way for owners to end the suffering of their horses?  If it’s an economic factor, I would think a group like yours could host low-cost euthanasia clinics (as well as low-cost gelding clinics)!  All I see on your home page is article after article promoting slaughter.  There ARE other ways to reduce the amount of horses going to slaughter.  And there ARE more humane ways to slaughter horses – as in not in cattle slaughter houses!

I would suggest you review the statistics again, and read “the other sides” articles and arguments.  Any group with “welfare” in the title should not be supporting slaughter.  Any group with “humane” in their tag line should not be supporting slaughter.

AND, might I ask… what about the environmental aspects of the horse slaughter industry?  Look up the slaughter houses in Canada who have been shut down due to pollution and sewer violations.

Honestly, if someone actually cares about animals AND the planet, I don’t see how they can push the slaughter agenda.

I’m quite disappointed that someone from my “home province” is not only pushing this agenda, but also aligning themselves with “Slaughterhouse Sue” Wallis.  Please take the time to talk to some folks who are against the slaughter industry for humane and environmental reasons.  There are many of us out there who are not members of PETA, who don’t ‘back’ the HSUS or Humane Society of Canada.  We’re not all “animal rights terrorists”.  Actually, most of us aren’t!  Most of us feel, bottom line, that horses are not raised in North America as food-chain animals, and therefore shouldn’t end up that way.

I personally equate it with the dog and cat issues in North America.  There are hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats put to sleep in shelters across the country.  I highly doubt someone from China could come here and set up a “dog / cat meat” slaughter house and ship the ‘meat’ back ‘home’.  Our citizens wouldn’t allow it, and there would be a huge backlash.  Similar to the backlash in the States when the general public found out about the conditions the horses were slaughtered in!

I’m not a vegetarian, although I’m not generally a beef eater.  I’ve not protested or walked around with signs or blood poured on me anywhere.  I am a person who owns several dogs and horses, and loves animals.  I try to ensure I leave the smallest footprint possible on this earth; including composting all our horse manure (it’s great for the rose bushes, and we give it away free to neighbours, etc.) and composting all non-meat food, etc.  I also have 8 chickens that I care for myself and those are the eggs we eat.  We also give those to the neighbours and family as well.

We’re not perfect, no one is.  But I do suggest that horse slaughter is one of the worst industries out there (and I know it is about the money, not about the “welfare” of the horses) for the inhumane treatment of animals and ecological disasters.  Supporting this industry is just something I do not understand.

Please, I request an explanation of your actions.  Also, how many “members” or “constituents” do you have?

I await the response with bated breath…


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  • War Horse says:

    Horse Welfare Alliance, aka HORSEKILLERS.COM$$$$


  • DesBarres’ association with Wallis and Kemseke earns him a blazing refutation as a representative of Canadian horse owners and horse groups. Together, the alliance of Wallis/DesBarres/Kemseke maintains that horse slaughter is necessary in North America in order to deal with the numbers of homeless or “unwanted” horses – the IEBA is a soapbox upon which they stand to deliver their dubious claims to an unsuspecting public.

    The reality is that slaughter is not an end-of-life solution, but one that fulfills a demand for horsemeat in the EU and Japan – a lucrative demand that has filled the pockets of foreign plants such as Belgian Chevideco, who apparently expect taxpayers to fund the costs of their business enterprises as well as any environmental clean-up that may entail. Typically, Chevideco invests no money of their own, and pay imaginative accountants good money to circumvent paying taxes while on U.S. soil; Dallas Crown continued to bedevil the town of Kaufman despite efforts by Mayors Paula Bacon and Harry Holcomb and the Kaufman City Council.

    By virtue of his connection with the IEBA, DesBarres and HWAC are actively endorsing and supporting individuals and businesses that have flouted the law, often with disdain for taxpayers. So long as the criticism is going to rain down on these three (and it surely is) I suggest that they consider building themselves an ark.


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