A Cremellow WHAT?

February 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ok, first and foremost… what the hell is UP with the photo in this ad?  Is this the one and only photo you have of this horse??  Eyes all closed and squinty, head down, ears cocked funny…  Oh, and not to mention DIRTY.  Please people, groom your fucking horse BEFORE you take a photo to try to sell it!  Here, just for YOU, a link to “How to photograph your horse…”  http://rehomeyourhorse.wordpress.com/photographing-your-horse/

Just for fun, I clicked on the “view larger image” button, and screen captured that one too…


And my second question to you is… what breed horse is this??  I’m assuming it’s got Quarter Horse in it, just by looking at it… but really, what BREED is it????  Oh, right, obviously your entire ad is based on selling a Krazy Kolor horse.  Or do you even KNOW what breed it is??

I’ll tell ya what else I read from this ad…

First off, you’ve been breeding that horse.  Why else did you JUST geld him last year at the age of TWELVE?

Secondly, while you no longer want to use him for breeding (what, the lameness is an issue for you?) you certainly don’t want anyone ELSE breeding him either.  (Thanks for that though, because we have enough crazy-asssed BYBs around).

Thirdly, I want to say it’s awfully nice of you to “give away” a horse to go with him.  So, the other lame horse, a “15yr old Oldenburg mare COMPANION ONLY not breeding sound” you don’t even bother to write anything about.  I bet you’d sterilize her too if you could!

So, lets see where Andrea ranks on my score system…

  • Breed  ✖
  • Papers:  ✖
  • Age  ✔
  • Height  ✔
  • Professional Training  ✖
  • Shots / Vet  ✖
  • Farrier  ✖
  • Shows  ✖
  • Health Issues  ✔
  • Personality  ✔
  • Other Info  ✖
  • So, that’s a 4 out of a possible 11.  Fail.

    It’s an UTTER failure if you count the massive failing on providing information on the mare you’d like to dump along with him!

    Come one, come all… come pick up some cheap, lame horses… buy one get one free!


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