YOU Can Help This Horse

March 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

There is a blind horse in need of help.  Her name is Sisi (sounds like Cee Cee) and she was rescued a few months ago 300lbs underweight, blind, long feet, etc.  The vet said she wouldn’t make it through the winter had she not been taken in by a nice couple in Ontario.

Here is a photo from the day she was rescued:

This couple can’t keep her indefinitely, and all of the rescues in the area are full.  There is a rescue near Toronto that is willing to take her – but they need to build a separate area just for her since she’s blind.  They are willing to do this either way – but they’ve also put in for a Pepsi Refresh award.  They are full, and there are so many horses in need… they’d love to take in more but just don’t have the room.

The rescue, Horse Rescue Ontario, has been checked out and they are great!  They are also a registered charity (similar to 501(c)3 in the States) and can issue tax receipts.

The horse is doing much better in foster care:

But she needs a permanent home.  Horse Rescue Ontario has offered that home… but I am asking you to vote for them to receive an award to build a barn to help her and other horses.

Vote here (it won’t cost you a cent!):

And here are more photos of her, showing her condition on arrival and updates:


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