Animal Control

March 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

I live in the country.  There are so many people around here who would never call Animal Control.  Not for anything.  I have NO idea why!!!

I have called AC several times, for several different reasons.


One was to report my own dogs missing.  I assume if they have wandered to someones property, and that person doesn’t want the dog there, they’d call AC to come pick up the dog.  Seems sane to me!  It’s a good idea to call when your own dog(s) missing, as AC will actually just call me and tell me where the dog is, and I can go get it.  AC doesn’t have to come out and catch the dog.  I get my dog back.  Win-win.


I called AC to report a dog that had been wandering the neighborhood for several days.  It was quite cold out, and the dog was extremely timid so I couldn’t get near it or coax it closer.  I gave up trying and called AC to report the dog.  A day or two later someone called in to AC to report the dog missing.  AC gave them my number, and they came and found the dog and took it home.  All good.


I heard that a horse that I was in the process of rescuing had been in ACs hands at one point, and I called the AC officer and got some background.  When things starting getting a bit screwy with the rescue process, AC offered to step in if talks failed.  Luckily I managed to get the horse out of the situation without too much fanfare after that and didn’t have to bring AC in, but it was nice to know I had some backup if needed.

Apparently my thinking is wrong.  Around here, people won’t call AC.  Why?  As near as I can tell, they feel AC is “big  brother”, and only out to screw people over.  Of course, most of those people are generally hiding something anyway….

All that being said, I just don’t understand why people wouldn’t call AC!  But then again, the area I live in is generally hippies and pot-heads.  I think they’re afraid that anyone who works for what they believe to be a “government agency” will immediately call the police and report their pot plants if they notice them!

Now, I’m the type of person who will pick up every stray dog I see.  My fear is always that they are (a) completely lost and need help, (b) they’ll get hit by a car, or (c) someone dropped them off in the middle of the country.  So, because of those fears, I always stop and pick up strays.  I will always try to locate the owner through the dogs tags if they have them, or by taking them to the local vet to see if they recognize the dog (this has actually worked!) and get the dog home that way.  I will call AC if those options do not work, to see if anyone has reported the dog missing.  I’ve never once had to have AC come and pick up the dog from me – I’ve always found the owners.  I will avoid having the dog picked up at all costs for two reasons; I don’t want the owners to face fines and I don’t want the dog ending up “in the system” so to speak.  So far I’ve been lucky.

The people around here, their first thought when they see a stray dog is “the dog will find it’s way home” and they continue on their way home with nary a second thought about it.  I sometimes wish I was more like that… but I’m the type that will forever wonder whether the dog made it home ok or if it got injured on the road.  I just can’t deal with the doubt, so I do something about it.

Anyway, that’s my rant about Animal Control.  There are other rants about Animal Control… but they can wait.

What are some of your stories about Animal Control – good or bad – and their involvement in different situations?


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