I Suspect this won’t be a Popular Post…

March 18, 2011 § 8 Comments

Rescues.  They can do amazing work.


There was a severely emaciated horse that was rescued by Strawberry Mountain Mustangs which they named Grace.  The lady who saved Grace set up a Facebook page called “Grace – the little horse with the big spirit” to keep people updated on the horses condition.  Because of the decidedly deplorable condition of the horse, they gained many followers.  In seven months they’ve only directly asked for donations a total of eight times.  On their Info page, they have links to their website , their email address, and phone number.  They are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Kudos to you guys!

Saddest Horse on the Planet

Really! One more pound and she'd have DIED!!!

But now, suddenly, I’m seeing another horse that has been rescued, by someone else.  The horse is “Chyanne” and they too have a Facebook pageSave Chyanne the Horse“.

I want to start off by saying I think what this woman did is commendable.  She took in a horse that desperately needed help.

That being said…

From what I can see, the woman who saved Chyanne, Carmen Rowe, is going about things a little backwards.  She took in a horse that she apparently couldn’t afford to rehab.  She is NOT a registered 501(c)3 as far as I can tell, and she hasn’t put ANY information about herself OR what she does anywhere.  The info page contains only the following:

My name is Chyanne. I was rescued from a horrible situation yesterday March 10, 2011. When I was found I had two serious leg injuries, one on each hind leg and had not eaten a good solid meal in months. I have lost all body fat and almost all muscle tone too. ssome of the other horses in my herd were stronger then me and chased me away from the food when we got feed but they too are not in the best condition.

My first morning in my new barn I was talking to the lady who brought me home and I told her Thank you for helping me. I am so thankful for my new barn, my new friends, a dry place to sleep, clean water and not having to fight over a flake of hay.

The injury to Chyanne’s right leg may have been caused by a piece of tin roofing that was on the ground. what we do know is that it is an old injury and she has been fighting infection for a long time. Her left leg may have been caught in some barbed wire., that ripped up her leg when she tried to get untangled.

Chyanne’s feet are somewhat long but are okay for now she will need a trim soon, she is also going to need her teeth floated, wormed, and just some ol’ fashion love and care!

Oh, and apparently the horse likes Horse IllustratedCloud the StallionHorses, and TheHorse.com?

Now, please, why do we need to speak from the horses perspective?  I think this makes you look stupid.  But that’s just my opinion.  I’m sure there are people out there who like it…


Beyond that, what probably bothers me the most are the constant requests for donations.  Of which there have been five direct requests already.  In UNDER A MONTH.  So, if you recall, Grace only had eight in seven months… that means Chyanne will have at least 35 requests in the same time period if she continues on in this vein.  I think there’s a problem here.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! call into Inland Feed & Farm Supply and donate a bag of Alfalfa pellets they are only $14.00 each + tax 509-276-8070,
also DEER PARK Veterinary Clinic 509-276-5091 is offering a teeth floating special this month, call in a donate a few dollars to go towards her bill tell them it’s for Chyanne under the name Carmen Rowe… Thank you all so much

I Agree

Yes the horse needed help.  Yes Carmen Rowe did a good thing taking the horse in.  Yes the horse has injuries.  Yes she’s skinny…


Chyanne Injuries

Chyanne Injuries (other leg)

My Take on It

I realize Carmen (apparently) has other horses, and probably has experience and at least a good vet.  But does that make one a “rescue” per say?  There are many, many people out there who take in a neglected horse here or there, one or two at a time  – and they rehab and rehome that horse on their own… with no real outside help whether it be financially, emotionally or physically.  They aren’t on Facebook begging for donations either.  They just want to help whenever and however they can.

If you are a “regular joe” (as in not a registered non-profit or charity) and you want to “rescue” a horse – GOOD FOR YOU.  But don’t then go online and beg for donations from the rest of us “regular joes” out there!  Especially starting it with “PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE”!!  If you are a registered charity/non-profit; say so.  If you want my money, show me who you are!  I don’t know you from Adam… you could totally be scamming people.  You could have taken in this horse ten years ago, and now decided to start posting photos and asking for donations.  In this day and age of computer and Internet fraud, you expect / want me to send you my hard earned money because you posted some sad photos?  Come on.  I need a bit more information than that.  I think the fact that you’re accepting donations through your vet and feed store is good but it’s the ONLY thing that makes me think you’re possibly legitimate.

What do You Think?

Do you think it is acceptable to take on a horse you can not afford to rehabilitate on your own?

Do you think someone who is not a registered charity or non-profit should be begging for donations?

Or do you think all this is perfectly acceptable…?  (You can add “…and I’m ignorant to say anything about it” to that if you like.)


§ 8 Responses to I Suspect this won’t be a Popular Post…

  • Samantha Lemna says:

    Do you think it is acceptable to take on a horse you can not afford to rehabilitate on your own?
    No, unless it is a huge emergency situation (and you know of a rescue in the area, or can partly/mostly pay for it/etc). But generally, no. Especially if you are quite tight in money. A little tight, and it’s an emergency, fine. You have to be able to do it on your own for the short term, and still contribute somewhat. The best option I would think for people who want to rescue/have rescued but don’t have the money, is to contact local rescues to see if you can sponsor – you already have the horse (or want to have one, and obviously had the funds to buy it). So try to set up a sponsor ship deal, or just donate directly.

    Do you think someone who is not a registered charity or non-profit should be begging for donations?
    No, not really, is my instinct answer. Especially from strangers. It’s one thing to go to your barn friends and ask for a chip-in. Or a forum you frequent… but the general internet? I mean, by all means, go ahead, but it makes me think if you were prepared getting into it. Of course, there are ALWAYS exceptions, but in general I think it’s a ‘no’.

    Or do you think all this is perfectly acceptable…?
    It’s definitely not perfectly acceptable in my eyes. Look at how many dogs and cats are taken to the SPCA or local animal shelter (or worse, found abused/neglected/abandoned) because people couldn’t/wouldn’t care for them.. or didn’t even want them anymore – or couldn’t handle it.

    Great post, thanks for sharing. =)


    • Not A Breed says:

      Thank you, Samantha, for your comment. I was a bit concerned people would be very upset with my post. I had a feeling the general response would be “shut up bitch, at least she’s DOING something for the horse” (and that may come yet :). I did note that “I think what this woman did is commendable. She took in a horse that desperately needed help.” but that I also think she’s gone about it backwards. I agree with what you said about going to friends (and I’d add family and possibly co-workers – like you said, at least someone you know) and drumming up some funds – but I even think that’s pushing it a bit. If friends/family/coworkers find out what you’re doing and OFFER to chip in, well you’ve got some great friends/family/coworkers… but I just don’t think you should count on it!

      I agree, if you realistically can’t take on a rescue horse on your own, donate monthly to a rescue – you’ll be helping! Also, if you donate, volunteer, etc. and have built a relationship with a rescue maybe that could even lead to a situation where you see a horse in dire straights and can call up your rescue buddies and have them swoop in and save the horse. You’ll still have saved the horse by donating and having that relationship with them!


  • I agree, if you cannot afford to do it on your own, stay out of the problem, Sorry.
    However, I am not surprised by that type of plea, at all. It is the beginning of hoarding. And if you can get strangers to give you money, why not?

    Have you seen this?
    Ayup, he’s a 2011 Ontayreeo breading stallyun


    • Not A Breed says:

      Hmmm, so she’s breeding him this year??
      I see that he’s “standing” at “Margaret Butterwick”. She’s too scared to put his location.
      BUT, her phone number is there… hmmmmm….

      I note “someone” regularly visits here via a search for “Margaret Butterwick”. Wonder who that could be…


  • Well, of course, he’s a stallion! I would love to hear that he’s doing well.

    I do not want to hear that from the OSPCA, mind you. I’d far rather hear it from the owner. Oh, and pictures would be nice. Hope you are doing well, Chief!

    I’ve always felt that far too many “rescues” are simply gathering money, spending it on themselves, and ignoring the animals. One needs to GO to the place where the animal is now “safe”, and see for yourself. I would never EVER support a rescue solely on the basis of an internet plea.


  • Donna B. says:

    I follow several dozen rescue groups on Facebook, and I am convinced a couple of them are scams, and I’ve even questioned and said this to others. I even reported one to Facebook, which is like doing nothing, since they are useless.

    The part I don’t like, however, are the pictures above, which are inflammatory, cruel, and for shock value. No, I don’t think they bring attention to the problem. Good people don’t like viewing bad graphic things.


    • Not A Breed says:

      Hi Donna. Welcome and thanks for your comment.
      If you would like to post or email me some links of rescues you feel are scams, I’d be happy to look into them for you.
      As for the photos – I agree they’re inflammatory, etc. but I also think people need to see what is really going on out there. As they say, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. Can you imagine if there were no photos of the Holocaust? Or 9/11? Or any of the other major events in history? I think there would be a lot of people out there that just wouldn’t believe they actually happened (and there are still some people who think those were hoaxes, perpetrated by the government for one reason or another and the photos and videos of those events were fabricated).

      I know if I hadn’t seen the photos of Grace (the horse at the very top of this post) I wouldn’t have been able to really imagine how skinny that poor girl was. So, yes I believe the photos are important in that they do shock people – hopefully shock them into action. That action should be to (a) open their eyes to what is going on around them – keep a more vigilant watch around your neighbors and countryside for signs of neglect (b) report people before the horse(s) get to the state of Grace (c) get involved, monitor situations, call authorities repeatedly, etc. etc. etc.

      As long as the photos are not being posted purely to drum up donations!


  • Not A Breed says:

    Todays request:

    Asking for Donations to help to cover the cost of Chyanne’s vet appointment on the 7th of April
    Blood Work-$70
    Please make donations to either:
    Deer Park Vet 509-276-5091 (tell them it’s under Carmen Rowe’s account for Chyanne)
    or to
    Pay-Pal carmenrowe79@gmail.com

    Thank you all so very much!



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