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March 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

The power of the Internet is astonishing.

The SPCA is predictable.

I have seen this in Canada and the US over and over again.  Here’s a typical example:

A rescue/person/hoarder/whatever has been receiving complaints for years.  People have called repeatedly about neglect, starvation, poor living conditions, etc. regarding one particular property.  The SPCA goes out, inspects, gives the owner/proprietor a list of things they must do to continue to keep the animals.  The SPCA tells them they’ll be making “unscheduled” inspections in future.  Then the SPCA follows up a few times (even calling the owner to let them know they’re on their way) and when they see a bit of food (even if it is moldy and inedible) and some water (even if it is filthy and unfit for consumption) they make a little mark in their book saying the “owner is complying”… and go on their merry way.

Then, when the people who have been complaining to the “proper” authorities finally give up, get exasperated, and post photos online (in any number of places – Facebook, special interest groups, chat boards, etc.) and people start talking about it, cross-posting it, cursing and swearing about it… still nothing is done.


…the “regular” or “legitimate” media takes notice.  Someone sends a few links to a media source.  Either print or television, or both.  And as SOON as reports hit the news about the issue – the SPCA, Humane Society,Fish and Wildlife, etc. suddenly take notice!

Then the SPCA are out “investigating” what has supposedly just come to their attention.  Or they’re investigating it because things seem to have gotten worse.  What they don’t admit to, or discuss, is how they’ve failed these animals over the last twenty years (in this particular case).

GuZoo Zoo

I’m mostly impressed this time that within 24 hours of this particular posting, the news channels were reporting and the SPCA was out investigating!  Of course, if you do your research online, you’ll find there have been numerous photos and stories posted online over the years about GuZoo… and I have no idea why this particular posting did the trick – but during the SPCA investigation they demanded certain animals (including the poor goat I spoke about in my last post) receive veterinarian attention.

Poor Baby

Poor Baby


Lynn Gustafson has stated that the carcasses seen on the property were donated to him as “food” for the carnivores by “a local vet” and Alberta Highway Services?  I think that’s a JOKE considering it was a FRESH rabbit and a goose, both animals he has on the property!  That blood trail (photo below), and the blood on the rabbit ARE FRESH.  Bright red!

Blood Trail Tells the Tale

Blood Trail Tells the Tale

When will people, especially the news reporters, comment on what are obviously lies?  There is no way the dead animals in the photo above are donated by anything other than Lynn Gustafson’s own neglect.


The Leader Post Article

Global TV Edmonton Article and Video

My favorite quote from Lynn Gustafson:


What Now?

Continue sending in emails and making phone calls.  Gustafson’s zoo license is up for renewal as of early April!  A huge concern is that Lynn Gustafson has now threatened to have the animals sent to a taxidermist because supposedly the lion alone is worth $10,000 there.  Be sure to include in your comments to the SPCA that they need to prohibit Gustafson from removing any animals from the property.


Send the following people emails.  AND call them.  Make your voice heard.  Be a force to be reckoned with!  YOU have the power.

Ron Bjorge
Executive Director
Wildlife Management Branch
Alberta Sustainable Resource Development
(780) 427-9503 (phone)

Mr. Richard Marz (PC).
His email address is:
His other email address is:
(I suggest sending to both!)
Phone: (780) 415-0994
Phone: (403) 556-3132
Leave him a comment on his Facebook page: (of course, you have to “like” him to leave a comment, but you can always “unlike” him later!)

Edmonton Humane Society
General Email:
Marketing (if you want to comment on their ability to only do something in reaction to news reports):

MAKE A DIFFERENCE, email or call today.


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