Candler Edwards

April 5, 2011 § 2 Comments

Now here’s an organization I can get behind!

Chandler Edwards has been formed by two very knowledgeable and experienced people.  Detective Sargent Terry Chandler and Jenny Edwards (of Hope for Horses).

Both these folks have extensive experience and training in investigating and ensuring prosecution of animal abuse cases.  They are setting up a training program for police officers, humane officers, judges, lawyers, etc. to learn the following:



This training prepares animal control and law enforcement to address problems associated with animal sex abuse (also known as bestiality) or crimes involving ritual animal sacrifice.  Through case studies, photographic images, paraphernalia displays, and interactive dialogue, this course will prepare the participants to properly investigate and assist in successful prosecution of animal sex abuse or ritual crimes.


This training prepares humane officers to interview and interrogate witnesses and suspects, conduct body condition scoring on livestock and horses, and teaches officers how to deal with compassion fatigue and other stresses of the job.

Our mission is to help LAW ENFORCEMENT and ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICERS solve complicated crimes that involve animals — such as bestiality, hoarding, ritual mutilation and sacrifice,  and animal fighting.


They also have a Facebook page to keep on top of stories in the news and their courses.  Go like them.  Right now!  ;)

I’m sure more courses will be added over time.  I also understand that it will be a place officers can log in and share information.  What a fantastic idea!

I am in no way trying to “sell” their courses.  What I am doing is saying “it’s about time”!


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