Word of the Day – Pro-Slaughter Activist

April 9, 2011 § 16 Comments

I will say this again, since I seem to have to repeat myself over and over again:

I am not a member of PETA

I own horses.  They live on my property.  I take care of them myself.

I compost their manure.

I have been around and/or worked with horses for 30+ years.

I do eat meat.  I try to eat as little as possible.

I try to buy local (no matter what it is).  It reduces my carbon footprint, and you’re more likely to get better, healthier food.

I compost leftover food.

I am not a member of PETA.  Yes I know I repeated myself.

I believe we can own pets, and keep them – as long as we’re responsible for them (including feeding, veterinary care, proper inoculations, and when it comes to dogs and cats in particular – spaying and neutering them all – when it comes to horses – gelding all colts unless they are of extremely good bloodlines and an exemplary example of the breed).

I do not think all animals should be “set free”.

Need I go on?

That being said…

I realized something today.  I have been politely referring to people who ACT like pro-slaughter activists as the “pro-slaughter proponent”.  I’m being too polite.

See, they call me “animal rights activist” and “terrorist” and “PETA” and any number of other things – while the proper term for me is “animal welfare advocate”.  Why am I being so polite back?  They toss around the words ignorant, stupid, idiot, etc.  They assume I’m “city-folk” and have never owned a horse.  They assume I’m a vegetarian or vegan.  They assume the closest I’ve come to a horse is to watch Flicka (seriously, I’ve seen it before, and someone even said that to me in a comment here, on my own blog!).

It constantly amazes me that pro-slaughter activists (a term I’ve just coined and intend on using from here on out) – of all walks of life – act like three year old children having a temper tantrum.  They out-and-out lie to make their point, they ignore facts and statistics to make their point, they start screaming, crying and saying ignorant things when you calmly point out the flaws in their logic, and when you calmly continue the discussion pointing out facts they finally just curse, swear and say mean irrelevant things.  Oh the list goes on and on.

Of course, there are people just as bad in the animal welfare advocate group.  They spout religious or sentimental crap all the time which just makes me cringe (but of course pro-slaughter activists find their own bible quotes to back their side too – equally cringe-worthy).  I understand there is a lot of emotion on this side of the fence – but that sort of drizzle does nothing to help the welfare of the horse (or any animal).  Because of the emotions, I see a lot of violent sentiment (‘you should be hung live and skinned like a horse and see how you like it’ etc.) which I also think is detrimental to the cause.  People, we need to remain factual and logical to get anywhere!

Personally, I do curse.  But I rarely curse at people.  I’m more likely to say something along the lines of “I’ve never heard so much bullshit in my life” as opposed to “you’re a fucking retard” although the inclination is sometimes hard to resist.  I believe there is a difference, as saying “you’re a fucking retard” is not the way to actually have a conversation with someone.  Them’s fightin‘ words!

So, to end my short little rant, I would like to point out that there are retards on both sides of the fence, but from now on the “opposition” is now going to be called “pro-slaughter activists”.  I wonder if it’ll catch on…



§ 16 Responses to Word of the Day – Pro-Slaughter Activist

  • Not A Breed says:

    That top part about me was so perfect, I copied and pasted it to the “About” page, so anyone who comes here and looks me up can see what I’m really “about”.

    Also, when people sling the crap at me, I can find it easily to copy and paste (and/or link back). I like to make my life as easy as possible…


    • LOL! I love your way of thinking!! ;)


    • polopaula says:

      I really don’t have much to add, as I loved the explanations both by “Not A Breed” and by Suzanne. “Horse in the Garage” did just as most pro-slaughter activists do if you question the viability of their argument. They get flustered, accusing and confused as to what they really want. Do they want a “good death” for their horses and all horses, or do they want the $150-$300 that each can possibly receive for their horse to allow his life to be ended in a slaughter house.
      But my main question/point was one that was brought up to me by a woman who rescues Morgans as much as possible, but seems to be in favor of bringing slaughter plants back to the USA. She took huge offense when I referred to her as “pro-slaughter” equating that to persons who refer to pro-choice people as pro-abortion. She stated that she was just in favor of horse owners being allowed to have choices.. It seems to me that she believes that Morgans should be saved, but other breeds are expendable. From now on, I adopt N A B’s nomenclature… Pro-Slaughter Activists. They are as much activists as I am, maybe more. Many have greed or profit as a motive.
      What do you think?


      • Not A Breed says:

        Thanks for your comment polopaula. I agree that greed and/or profit seem to be a huge motivator. Laziness is probably up there too.
        I find, so often, I hear “oh, I’d never send my horse to slaughter, but people have a right to do what they want with their horses” or “oh, I’d never send my horse to slaughter, but slaughter is necessary because of the overpopulation” and “what do we do with all the tired, broken down or mean horses??”

        It’s the same old rhetoric.

        I do have to say that I agree, to a SMALL degree, with the Morgan rescuer about the slight difference between pro-choice and pro-abortion. BUT, really, it’s splitting hairs. If you’re pro-choice, you are pro-abortion. I think it’s a bit of a cop-out to split those hairs. They just don’t want to come out and say they are pro-abortion.


  • I will say this here, then, as I would be shredded alive on the CHDC blog. I firmly believe it is possible to usefully own a horse until his end, and to humanely end his life. And to use the protein and other products of his incredible body. Yes, I do.
    I say it is possible, I do NOT say it is happening.
    The worst part about the animal leftists in my opinion? They cannot/will not see the big picture. As long as cat people and dog people and horse people and bird people and yes farm people are all split into factions, some more rabid than others, and some regarded as crazier than others, all of the people with reasonable heads will be labeled ALF types.
    Which I am not. Neither are you.
    Our own laws only give an animal a box, for all of his days. Just barely enough food water shelter/room in the box for life, but not enough for true health. That is okay for ANY animal. Puppy millers are simply making product. That is legal. So do breeders of any animal. Their value is purely monetary.
    Of course, this idea of animal product certainly isn’t always upholding the ideas/ideals of humane treatment. Only if there is dollar value will more humane conditions prevail. Higher fines for abuse are needed. Horses need to regain their true value. Free horses spell doom, in my opinion.

    I’ve read, according to court rulings, if an activity is based solely for the purpose of helping animals, it is not considered a charitable act. Oh, you can still donate to such an organziation. But they are not a charity. weird.

    This is why I’m for humane treatment for all animals, and not “only” horses.
    I watched in disgust an ALF video. Destroying private property and “freeing” laboratory animals, to what end?
    Why doesn’t the ALF work harder to get animals adopted from shelters? Just asking. Those animals are in prison, too.
    Why did the TRF end up with ancient broken down horses costing fortunes, with no-one paying? The emotion of the “rescue” over-shadows the real question. Where shall these animals go?
    How do you control people’s treatment of their property? You can’t.
    sigh, sorry, don’t mean to sound so negative. I would simply prefer an animal had his life ended, rather than being subjected to neglect and abuse.
    I should be labeled a PSA, too, I guess.
    Public Service Announcement:)


  • Suzanne Moore says:

    First, TheHorseInTheGarage, it is NOT possible to use the protein from virtually ALL American horses because it’s contaminated with drugs that are toxic to humans. How have you missed this vital fact! And, if a horse is put down humanely, his/her body is contaminated with even more drugs. Slaughter is NOT “putting down,” or “euthanizing,” – ever hear of those? Maybe not since you seem to think it’s slaughter or starvation. – because it’s not humane and cannot be made so for horses using current methods. Frankly, I don’t know how slaughter could be made humane for horses using ANY methods.

    Of course you can control people’s use of their own property! Can you leave your car parked in your own front lawn as long as you want? Can you allow your grass and weeds to grow as tall as they can grow? When you no longer want your refrigerator or dish washer can you dump them in your own front yard and leave them there? Need I continue? These things are “private property” yet you can’t do ANYTHING you want to do with them. The same with animals, except animals are not unfeeling machines like the other examples. That’s why animal cruelty laws – toothless as they are – have existed for many, many years even though there are radicals who would do away with even THAT protection for living, feeling creatures. And yes, that is radical in every sense of the word.

    As for the question about “pro-slaughter activists” catching on, it already has with me. :)


  • Not A Breed says:

    Suzanne, I believe many people consider a bullet to the head by an experienced (trained would be even better) person, in the horses’ own pasture to be humane. That would not add any toxins.

    You are definitely correct about drugs the horse has ingested before this point though.

    And yes, there are controls on everything we do. People get all up in arms about added controls on anything regarding animals, saying it’s their property to do with as they like – when in fact, they’re wrong. There are already laws in place regarding minimum standards of care any animal should receive, so how are they allowed to do “anything they want”? They’re not allowed to starve them, neglect them, etc.

    I think TheHorseInTheGarage is just frustrated overall.


    • Suzanne Moore says:

      Yes, I believe a bullet to the head by a QUALIFIED person is humane, but face it, how many horse owners are qualified or even know someone who is qualified? I don’t. That’s why I don’t usually bring it up. Lots of unqualified people owning guns these days…


  • Typical. Did you read this part, before you freaked out?
    “I say it is possible, I do NOT say it is happening.”

    Sad. I’d recommend people not get into horses at all, myself. Too many crazies out there now, actually listed as TB stallyun owners.

    You misread most of what I wrote, which isn’t surprising. In the comfort of my own home, behind my own four walls, yes, dear, you can do anything you want. Just don’t get caught. Don’t you understand that yet? Or are you advocating for a police state, as well? It’s called privacy. It’s called ownership.

    And our toothless animal cruelty laws are indeed just a joke. And of course, that frustrates anyone with a kind brain.

    You ONLY have to give ANY animal the barest minimum of anything, if that. So tell me please, how will the kind horse-owners of the world change that simple fact?
    You know, back in the day, horses did not receive bute as part of their daily lives. Not where I rode, anyway. And today, the good barns (I pray), also do not use bute for anything everything. Worming medications are absolutley polluting.

    never mind. You won’t listen. All animals continue to suffer. Oh, well. They are not horses! To hell with them, save the horses FIRST!

    Sorry to say, the horse world is (quite rightly) perceived as a wealthy sport. Hard to feel empathy for the wealthy of the world.


    • Suzanne Moore says:

      Excuse me, kid, but if you are addressing me, I did not freak out. I merely pointed out the holes in your arguments. And I REALLY don’t get where you’re coming from. I was merely stating rules that have been around as long as I can remember for what one can do IN PUBLIC VIEW. Not INSIDE the house, doofus! Although I believe there are certain rules there too – like murder and such. In order to live in a civilized society there have to be rules of conduct. And our animal welfare rules are NOT what they should be, but they’re still there and they DO get enforced often enough for it to be FAR better than if they did not exist.

      No one with any sense uses bute as part of their horse’s daily life!! My 13 year old gelding has had exactly ONE dose of bute in his entire life – BUT that DOES ban him from the human food chain for the rest of his life whether he ever has more bute or not. Can you understand that? Bute is FOREVER. So is ivermectin along with a host of others. Check the labels on your horse products – even your fly spray. If you see this: “Not for use in animals intended for food,” that means forever, the rest of their lives just like bute. Check it out.

      I would love to see every animal’s life ended HUMANELY instead of suffering, but horse slaughter is NOT humane and never can be, so WHY PROMOTE IT? Good grief! Seems simple enough to me. And now you seem to have brought ALL animals into this discussion. Slaughter them too? BTW, if you still have horses, what do YOU worm them with?

      I guess some horse owners are wealthy, but most of us are NOT wealthy because we DO have horses. Owning horses has always taken just about all of my discretionary income, but that’s fine with me. I consider them worth it and have for the 30+ years I’ve been a horse owner.

      Oh yeah, I’ve got an old couch I’d like to get rid of. Let’s see how long I can leave it rotting in my front yard before I get a complaint.


      • Well said both times, but you’re talking to deaf or brick wall ears. This is part of the great problem the American horse is dealt. Excuses, ignoring blatant facts of toxins and looking for the easy way out, that puts a buck in their wallet. No matter how many lies are told, excuses are given, we as a Nation, have a responsibility to keep our horses OUT of the food chain for human or animal consumption. We also have a duty to put these COMPANION animals at the end of their lives, down with a HUMANE ending. To try and justify terror, stabbing of spinal cords over and over again and cattle bolts to the heads of animals is just plain stupid. As my Mom always said, “you can’t fix stupid, so don’t let it breed.” All we can do as responsible horse owners, rescues and caring individuals is keep pushing forward and believe that in the end, intelligence and factual information will prevail. People like Sue Wallis and her United Horsemen were created soley with the intentions of making a buck. No where can they claim to be for the welfare of the horse, when they promote breeding and then slaughter. I have a few rescues in my pasture now from breeding farms. I know I don’t need to tell you that they are bred to death, with little put back into them, but the bare necessities to ensure the next foal. Most have recovered nicely with a lot of dedication and care. They deserve to live a life free of cruelty and money mongers, the same as any companion animal. Next they will be wanting our children to eat dog meat. The idea is not so far fetched if you take the time to study their logic and know that greed is the driving force.


  • Well, none of us will ever get anywhere with name calling and anger. Not a Breed, i agree with you one hundred percent, and one of these days i am gonna find the words to express what i think. For now, I will keep doing my part, living and leading by a conscientious example. I hope that one of these days, the extremes on both sides, wake up and quit beating their heads against walls (as that is all they are doing). maybe when humans get out of the way, animals will have a fair chance at living a decent and humane life. Geesh!!


    • Suzanne Moore says:

      Just what do you consider “calling names”? When you tell a person ten times that you cannot EVER use a horse that has been given bute – as well as many other drugs – without sending toxic meat for other people to eat, and they completely ignore you and continue to promote slaughtering our horses, exactly what would YOU say to them?

      Reply soon because I really want to know what you do in this situation.


  • Kim says:

    I am pro choice. I don’t think anyone should force the method of disposal for horses, cattle, hogs OR ANT OThER livestock. I am tired of people who have never butchered or hunted or been Ina packing plant telling me what it’s like and what happens! Thanks for sharing your great ideas!


    • Not A Breed says:

      Really? You don’t think anyone should “force the method of disposal for horses, cattle, hogs OR ANY (sic) OTHER livestock”?
      That’s funny, because slaughter IS legislated. There is NOTHING about animals that ISN’T legislated. From abuse and neglect laws surrounding feeding, water, medical treatment, etc. to how animals are slaughtered or even put to sleep.

      I’m not sure what country YOU live in… but in North America, you can’t live a single day without legislation of some sort affecting your life. Have kids? You must feed them, send them to school, and keep them clean (not to mention not beat them). Ride a bike? You must wear a helmet and you’re legislated as to where you can ride that bike. Drive a car? You must wear your seat belt, have insurance, and drive in the legislated lanes at the legislated speed. Have a job? You must pay taxes. Do you see where I’m going here? The bottom line is; you ARE legislated in EVERYTHING.

      Don’t you think there might be someone out there that might decide the best way to end their animals life (whether it is a dog, cat, horse, pig, chicken, cow, whatever) is by starving it to death? Isn’t that their choice?
      Um, right… it’s NOT.


  • Suzanne Moore says:

    Good point, Not A Breed. It seems some people DO consider abuse of animals a “right.” SOME people seem to think abuse of their KIDS is their “right” too.

    Needless to say, society does not agree. I really do think the Animal Rights Extremists like PETA and SHARK to more harm than good. Sue Wallis couldn’t do so much damage by calling US AR extremists if the real extremists didn’t do what they do.

    I DO feel that animals are property – I mean, you can really get in a nightmarish situation talking about animal “rights” and someone counters that responsibilities go along with rights, something I agree with. Animals are never going to get the vote either…..

    I think one could get more traction by suggesting that there should be a special property consideration for living creatures. Not the toothless crap we have now, but a new completely new category for living, breathing property, and laws with TEETH to protect them. I think it should have been done long ago. I mean, equating a living creature with a bathtub is beyond ridiculous. IMHO, of course. ;o


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