April 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Thinking of selling your horse?  Need help?  I know we do!



I’ve joined up with another great (newish) blog ReHomeYourHorse.  There is some fantastic information over there about how to find your horse a new, loving home …

…things like how to write an ad, the best way to photograph your horse; where and how to advertise – including links; how to find the best home, contracts, etc.  I will link (probably excessively) back to places I have found information.  What I would like is to be a “one stop shop” for people to find all the information they may need… I see it is everywhere but nowhere in particular.

Together, we’ve set up a chat board (  We’ve already added in categories that are mutually beneficial for us including spots to list your horse in Canada and the US (start a thread and go to town!).


If you are willing to help write an article that is missing from the blog itself, please note it on the board.  Also, there are categories for articles where people can submit points they feel should be included in the article.  This board could become a real hot-spot for information!


There are also boards to discuss horse slaughter.  We moved several of my solution ideas into the slaughter topic so it can be discussed in a more beneficial way.  I’ll be copying (and accrediting) the comments from here to there at a point in the near future.


There is a category for Cases in the News.  Many blogs and news articles would prefer you keep entirely on topic, so here is a place to vent, rant, etc.

Both ReHomeYourHorse and NotABreed would appreciate your input!


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