The Soulless

April 21, 2011 § 6 Comments

Just imagine… you’re sitting there, minding your own business when your heart suddenly just stops.  What is going on in your body and mind?  Your body within a second is struggling to get oxygen to all its parts, but the blood is not moving.  You still, for seconds or minutes, have some control over your actual body, but not really over your mind.  Your mind is screaming at a million miles an hour.  I can’t breathe!!!  I’m suffocating!!!  Help me!!!!!!!!!!!  As the panic sets in, within seconds, you no longer have control over your body, because the panic has control.  You lash out, knock things over, stumble around, clutching your chest, and falling to the ground.  Your legs and arms are still flailing about as your mind is screaming out in pain and anguish because the lack of oxygen is killing it.

Slowly the synapses stop firing.  Your muscles are twitching.  Your consciousness is fading.

And while all of that takes less time to happen than it would take a fairly fast typist to type this… you can imagine the utter terror a person goes through during the 20 seconds to a minute+ before loss of consciousness.

Now, imagine if you had the power to stop someone’s heart, and watch them go through what I just described.

What kind of a person does it take to intentionally do that, to kill someone in that way?  And to do it over and over again?

This dog is dead.

Poor Babies

If you don’t know where I’m going with this, you haven’t seen the news out of Montreal Canada today.  There is a pound that 10 districts have contracted their services to, called Berger Blanc.  People have been complaining about it for years – they don’t check for microchips before euthanasia, they have a very low placement rate, etc. etc.  Then a reporter from Radio Canada worked there under cover for one month, and came out with some pretty horrific footage from his hidden camera.

The worst of it, in my eyes, was the fact they were killing animals improperly.  Knowingly improperly.  They were not administering the drugs to render the animal unconscious before administering the drug to stop the heart.  Then they would throw the gasping, spasming dog on the pile of the dead to struggle there alone.  While other dogs sat there and watched.  Cats, well, that’s another story.  Cats they had to throw back in the cages because they were much more violent in their death throws than dogs.  The cats got to freak out in the cage, with the other cats awaiting the same fate.

For English coverage:

Please watch the video.  There is no blood and gore, but you’ll be able to see how terrible it must be for those animals to die that way.  Heartbreaking for those who actually do have souls.

Thank God it’s now in the news, and things will be done.  It’s not enough, but it’s some comfort.


§ 6 Responses to The Soulless

  • thinkgoat says:

    Why I click on these stories, read them, AND watch the damn videos is beyond me. Your opening paragraph was enough to cause my breathing to change but I clicked on the link anyway, proving to myself I’m completely into self-torture. Thanks for that, Not A Breed.

    I hope their “investigation” actually leads to punishment but the punishment that’s often administered pales in comparison.


    • Not A Breed says:

      Welcome to the dark world of animals; abuse, over breeding, slaughter, etc. Sorry I dragged you down here to my world, but don’t forget you came willingly. ;) I still need to email you… probably next week. Don’t forget about me.


  • thinkgoat says:

    Forget about you? Impossible at this point! (and I have a few comments that stuck in moderation queue to share with you via email)

    And yes, I did come willingly. I admire you and your quest. If you’d like, I’ll link your story on our facebook page.


  • Suzanne Moore says:

    And these are the very people who would argue that ANIMALS have no souls. Sad.


  • Thanks for posting. Sickening, beyond all words.


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