“We’re not guilty. We didn’t have a problem feeding them.”

April 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

Famous last words from someone facing 53 years in prison and $66,000 in fines for felony animal cruelty.

Jack and Terry Martin moved from Washington State to Carbon County Montana three years ago.  They paid $500,000 cash for their 253 acre farm (possibly a settlement from a logging accident), but forgot to buy feed for the horses.  They also love their guns, and like to play “War” on their land – dressing in camo, wearing sagebrush on their heads, and lurking about aiming shotguns at the law.

Back in August of 2009 they were charged for the first time with animal cruelty, but the charges were later dropped…  Hmmm.  What was going on then was the horses were basically abandoned and malnourished… “because they were in the process of moving and someone else was supposed to be caring for them”.

They always planned to be present to take care of the horses but were away for periods of time during their move and had people watching over the animals for them.

For your information, horses don’t look malnourished enough for a passerby to call in a complaint overnight.

Fast forward a few years, and they’re facing new charges; 26 felony counts and one misdemeanor count of animal cruelty.

The horses were eating sagebrush.  Not from Jack’s hat.

There were upwards of six dead horses, and one had to be shot onsite.  When they were autopsied, all that was in the horses stomach was manure.  Now there’s a diet… sagebrush and manure.  Of course they were feeding the horses!  Sadly, the worms were getting all the “food”, since they obviously hadn’t been de-wormed in quite a while.

“Even after hay was provided to the Martins, the last horse that died didn’t have apparent access to (the) hay and died only with manure in its stomach,”

And now they’re requesting a public defender.  Because they can’t “afford” one.  Anyone else see anything wrong with this?  Sell a section of land!

A second search warrant was served Feb. 11, and Cody evaluated 55 horses, concluding that none were in good health and 30 were very thin and emaciated.

The horses have been eating donated hay for the last two weeks, a relief effort coordinated by the Beartooth Humane Alliance of Red Lodge.

(my bold)

“The mare that was shot was one of her best breeding mares and was “just a little thin” because her colt hadn’t been weaned,”

The second most favoritist excuse of assholes who starve their animals.  What’s the first most favoritist excuse?   That horse is old.  Oh, better yet, combine the two!  She’s old and hasn’t weaned her colt yet.

Because, ya know, everyone just loves shooting horses that don’t need to be shot.

And now, other people are feeding those horses, and mopping up another mess created by assholes who decide to confine animals and then not feed them.

Most recent story here.

“I take care of my animals. They’re my life,” (Terry) said. “I’d never hurt an animal. I don’t even eat meat. I’m a vegetarian.”

Oh, but wait!  Wifey is a vegetarian!!  Oh, she must be taking proper care of those horses.

Oh, come on!

And for more bullshit, according to this article,

“…(The Blacks) claim the present condition of the horses is a result of a series of mishaps and misfortune starting with an incident where some of their stallions got loose resulting in injury to at least one of the stallions and accidental breedings that resulted in numerous unplanned foals. To make matters worse, their truck broke down when they tried to pick up a large load of hay in Miles City causing them to be short on feed for their horses. According to the Martins, the combination of the unplanned foals, unexpected costs for broken down vehicles and the shortage of feed for the nursing mares resulted in some of the horses losing too much weight.”

So, let me get this straight.  The excuses so far are; other people were supposed to be caring for the horses during the move, a mare is skinny because she hasn’t weaned yet, their truck broke down so they’re short feed (but somehow are saying they’re feeding the horses), a stallion got out, they had unplanned foals, and whatever else they can come up with on the fly…

Here you go, a way around all the excuses; hire proper farm sitters to care for animals in your absence (then you can sue them when you’re charged), feed pregnant and lactating mares properly so they don’t lose weight, use proper stallion fencing to ensure the horse doesn’t get out and create unplanned foals, and lastly, maybe you should try to buy hay locally and have it delivered… I do it, and then I don’t have to worry about hauling.  At the very least, you should have a back-up plan.  Are you trying to tell me that your truck broke down so you couldn’t haul hay, and every single farmer you called, every single ad you answered, refused to bring you hay?

Every single one of their “excuses” is easily dealt with, and if they’ve been breeding horses for 30 fucking years like they say they have, they would know all this.  I can only hope the judge see’s through the lies and holds them accountable.  Unfortunately, I highly doubt they’ll see any jail time.


If you’ve been “breeding horses for 30 years”, why can I not find a single mention of you anywhere on the internet regarding horses or breeding?  Not. One.  Not an ad, not a website, no horses registered to you, nothing

(I searched by their name, their address, their phone number, and different combinations of all of those including just first name and the last four digits of their phone number – they are nowhere to be found.  Awfully hard to sell a horse when you don’t advertise them.)


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