Horses for Sale or going for dog food. Please help

April 26, 2011 § 14 Comments

The text is below, including the phone number.  Why?  Because only an idiot would post an ad like this and not expect phone calls.

Seriously fucking RETARDED.


We have to many horses and must sell these before I am forced to sell them for dog food. Please help and buy a cheap good young horse with papers.

  1.   half arab filly. all bay with one back sock,should mature 14hh  $400.00
  2.  purebred arab filly, great bloodlines, all bay, should mature 14.2hh  $800.00
  3.  3/4 arab colt, born black, will turn grey, blaze and 3 socks. should mature 15+hh  $600.00
  4.  3/4 arab filly, bay, star,stripe, two stockings, two socks, super sweet and friendly  $800.00All foals will be a year old this summer, halter broke, lead well, stand tied, can handle their feet, some have been trimmed, dewormed, etc. All foals can also be papered. Good feet, legs, no health problems.
  5. 3 yr old paint/arab gelding. green broke to ride. longe line, voice commands, w/t, ground drives, good onto trailers, quiet boy, willing to please. very flashly, chestnut overo, white blaze, four stockings, built like a Thoroughbred, would make great hunter/jumper horse, currently standing 14.3hh and still growing. can be papered 1/2 arab. utd on all shots, deworming and hoof trims $1,000.00
  Please buy one or two of these great young horses before Saturday May 21st. Thank you.


Just so you know, we’re dealing with Patricia Herman of Warsaw Ontario.  She’s in her early twenties and is newly pregnant from what I can tell.  She seems to fancy herself a bit of a breeder.

Patricia Herman

What is WRONG with people?  I don’t care how young you are… maybe you should do your research before deciding to make babies, any babies.

The ONE and only thing I can say is that at least she’s been dropping her prices… but if you’re that desperate to get rid of them, maybe you should consider giving them away.  And BTW, stop breeding things you CAN’T FUCKING SELL.

#1) Purebred Arabian filly, bay with a star marking. view her pedigree on and search “Absolut Sugar” $1,600.00

#2) 3/4 Arabian colt, black, blaze, three socks, slowly turning grey $800.00 should mature 15hh, stocky like a QH

#3) 3/4 Arabian filly, bay, star, connecting strip, 2 stockings, 2 socks, view her pedigree under “Little Janey” $1,200.00. should mature 14.2hh

#4) 1/2 Arabian filly. 1/4 Morgan. 1/4 Standardbred. bay with one back sock. should mature 14hh. make a lovely driving mare like her mother.$800.00 All weanlings are halter broke, leading, stand tied, good with their feet. Eating grain and can be papered.

#5) 3 yr old Paint/Arabian gelding. Started under western saddle, not backed yet. wearing a snaffle bridle, side reins, working on the long line, voice commands, ground driving, standing 14.3hh and still growing. Flashy paint colour on a Arab body and head. great with his feet, trimmed regular and utd on everything. $1,600.00 OBO

Please call 705-652-7137 or 705-868-2145 to arrange a viewing

Above is an ad from one month ago.


§ 14 Responses to Horses for Sale or going for dog food. Please help

  • Suzanne Moore says:

    A perfect example of how idiotic breeders – large and small – are driving the horse slaughter trade.

    And, by the way, Patricia, even though you don’t seem to care, your horses will NOT be going for dog food. They don’t use horses for dog food any more because of the chemical residue problem. Your horses will be fed to people who have no idea they are being poisoned by American horses that are not raised as food animals. Do you feel the slightest responsibility here? Na. You feel no responsibility for your own horses, so why would you worry about the people who will be eating them?


  • Not A Breed says:

    You said it Suzanne. I didn’t elaborate on this, as I’ve done so before, AND more than anything I just hated the “going for dogfood” title. That really pisses me OFF. I hate it that people threaten to try to sell the horse.

    It’s the same as “need to be gone by such and such a date, or they’re going to auction/slaughter”.


    • Suzanne Moore says:

      We have seen the first abandoned horses ever in my part of Indiana – still only two cases. The interesting part however, is what the local rescues are saying about what people who have abandoned their horses have told them.

      Right or wrong, these people abandoned their horses because they did not WANT them to go to slaughter. They said going to slaughter was certain hell, and they had hoped their abandoned horses would be rescued – and indeed they were.

      I am NOT defending these people! But I have wondered if this was the reason people have abandoned horses when slaughter is readily available as it certainly is here. I think this is going on in more places than Indiana.

      Another thing people are doing is bringing their horses to auction with no intention of selling them. They look for empty trailers and put their own horses in them! Then leave – in a hurry. Must be quite a shock to the owners of the trailers…


  • Not A Breed says:

    You know, I’ve actually said that before. I think that slaughter is so much more understood because of how much it’s been in the news… and people are “abandoning” their horses instead of taking them to auction (a place they USED to think the horse would find a new “forever home”).

    I really do believe people would rather let their horses starve than know they’re going to slaughter.

    It’s a sad testament to the situation today. People can’t afford the horses they have, but they don’t want them to go to slaughter. So they tie them to the post out front of a rescue or vet, or “set them free” somewhere, or starve them in the back yard.


  • Jennifer says:

    Chemical reside from vaccines = unsafe to consume the meat of such an animal? I hadn’t heard about that. I was vegetarian for 12 years, and now only eat meat occupationally, but if the vaccines are that chemical based and toxic to the flesh – how can they be doing more good then harm?


    • Not A Breed says:

      I’ts more so the de-wormer as well as a lot of drugs the horses are given for medical reasons like Bute. I’m not sure about the vaccines. I can/will look into it. :)


  • Amber says:

    Also, this Particia Herman you can look her up on facebook, all of her pictures and info are open to the public. It is so terrible that a young person can be so ignorant, narcissistic and cruel to their horses – she has no sense of responsibility to the horses she bred, I wonder if she’ll have responsibility to her own child she is breeding? I see another child to be placed in a foster home waiting to happen. Some people should be sterilized!


    • Not A Breed says:

      Well, that’s what I meant. What a bitch. Seriously, now there are threats that they’re going to a hunt dog breeder that will use them for meat. If I met her, I think I’d fucking slap her. If she was burning to death I wouldn’t piss on her to put her out.


      • Suzanne Moore says:

        I wouldn’t either! Is it me, or does it seem to you all that the country is going completely NUTS? We don’t need or want horse meat. Now, what the HELL would we want dog meat for?

        I don’t think it’s vaccines that are the problem. It’s Bute, wormers and other chemicals – even fly spray – that have not been studied for safety to humans and/or withdrawal times. Most horse products were developed without the need for such tests since horses are – yes I WILL say it again – NOT food animals.


  • Amy says:

    I feel bad for everyone that has jumped to such a poor judgement and doesn’t know the full story. She bought those horses from another owner who lost his job, his wife and then his house.
    That man duked both Patricia and the owner of the hunting dogs into buying those horses. So both parties held ownership.
    Patricia bought all five finally and was able to resale four of the five. The fifth one she still owns and takes great care of.
    Shame on all of you for running her name into the mud like you have.
    She is not a breeder. She has worked for horse breeders of all types and knows that there are way to many horses out there already.


    • Brad says:

      Out of curiousity how do you know Patricia Herman Amy and are the horses your referencing the ones from the add above? Because I can tell you for certain all of those horse’s were in no danger of going for dog food and she darn well didn’t own 4 of those advertised.


  • yes it pisses off to its mean to me . i my self trying to look for no that is going to dog food i was looking for a free one my dr says i need to ride my back is bad i have to get back into shope again and i love my pets each and every one of them . i would naver think of doing it i have no words for the dun ass pople out there to do such a sing . thay got to ancer to god not me. i do the right thing the best i can . im blind with sight . i have some sight i ride at home well use to . my horse past awat got a bad roll of hay from my breeder . so now im looking for anouther one .

    (Edit: name and phone number removed.)


  • Amy says:

    I used to ride with Patricia when we were younger. She loves her horses very much. Worked super hard for the stables and farms in her career.
    I understood at the time of the ad posting that someone had attacked her ad because she wouldn’t sell them a horse. The ad was changed, she was unable to remove it before so many people saw it and slammed her name. I feel bad for her and ashamed of all of you. Those horses in the ad with the Arabians and 1/2 breeds were from a backyard breeder she put a lot of time into for free just to get them a better home.


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