Candy Salt, I mean Amos, I mean Kampmann… ??

May 1, 2011 § 14 Comments

What the hell are you doing over there at Lightningwind Arabians?

Other than neglecting horses I mean…

Oh, right, you breed horses.  Arabians and Saddlebreds.  Your website ( is most definitely a testament to your professionalism (/sarcasm).  What stands out to me is the fact that the photos of the stallions you are standing at stud are the photos used by the breeders you bought them from.

For example…

The Paradox

You bought The Paradox from Miles Stables and they have a congratulatory page with small photos of The Paradox here:  If you scroll through the photos in the little box near the bottom left, you’ll see you soon feel those photos look familiar.

On your own website, where you list The Paradox for stud services (, you use those exact same photos from Miles Stables.  Why, one might ask?  Well, because this is what he looked like in September:

A bit skinny, to be honest...

The Paradox

And this is what he looks like now:

Feed him much?  Oh, wait, you're too busy GROOMING him to feed him, right???

The Paradox NOW

I get that you can’t see quite how skinny he is in this photo… but let me go ahead and talk about a couple of other horses you have…

LS Daytona Shuffle

Your page:

A better photo of LS Daytona Shuffle…

In better days...

LS Daytona Shuffle

And hmmm, what do we think he looks like now??

Baby is HUNGRY

LS Daytona Shuffle NOW

Um, I personally think he looks hungry.

Incident Commander

And then there’s the lovely stallion Incident Commander.  I couldn’t find any photos of him from before you got him, other than the tiny thumbnails you have on YOUR page (, but I did happen to come across a photo of him as he is now

Please, seriously, feed your fucking horses!

Incident Commander Now

Now, while I agree that both Incident Commander and LS Daytona Shuffle are both just a few groceries shy of being ok… that poor Paradox looks absolutely miserable.  He quite obviously hasn’t seen a fucking grooming kit in ages.

Breeder or Hoarder?

Any time I see someone purporting to be a breeder, I look for any advertisements of horses being sold.  Not surprisingly, I can’t find a single one of yours online.  Apparently, though,  you a couple of your horses were at a show recently at Rancho Murietta….

Thankfully he's back home being taken care of!

Dreams Now - Taken Back by Lessor

The lessor of one of the horses, Dreams Now (shown above) came and took back their horse on the spot.  The former owner of the other horse, a grey called Festival Now, purchased the horse back after two and a half years – at the original sale price.  She is apparently lame and might not survive (Edit in: Update, she is now putting some weight on the leg and the owners are hopeful for recovery).  Honestly, I can’t blame them for doing whatever they could to get this horse back.  Who would want to see a horse they cared about in this terrible shape?

Note the rear leg being held up, not to mention how skinny this poor horse is!!  Festival Now - Purchased Back by Prior Owner

Note the rear leg being held up, not to mention how skinny this poor horse is!! Festival Now - Purchased Back by Prior Owner

Multiple people have called and reported you to Animal Control and the Sheriffs office… and now the farm is under a “watch” order.  I hear there are even skinnier horses onsite.  It’s sad, really.


The only advertisement I’ve found you running is a monthly ad in Equestrian Connection.  If you can afford to pay for a monthly ad, why can’t you afford to feed your horses?

Still using the "old" photos?

Still using the "old photos?

What do people think when they see those photos, and book a breeding with you… and then show up to see skinny, underfed horses?  Add to that the fact that they are kept in areas with tons of hazards and garbage… and I can’t imagine that people actually stick around for the breeding!



Contact Info

I like to put the contact information for people who are hoarders / abusers / negligent… because that way, if someone, anyone, searches for them while doing research before purchasing an animal from you… this post will pop up.  I want people to realize who they’re dealing with if they take the time to search.  So your contact information is (consider it free advertising):

Jim and Candy Amos, Candy Salt, or Candy Kampmann dash whatever…

Lightningwind Arabians

5940 Arabian Lane
Loomis, California  95650


Phone: (916) 212-0091

Oh, and I see you also have another business registered out of your 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2,736 square foot home:

JCS Improvements
(916) 652-5429


§ 14 Responses to Candy Salt, I mean Amos, I mean Kampmann… ??

  • thinkgoat says:

    I’m astounded that these abusers actually advertise their services when their animals are emaciated and poorly cared for.


  • There are lots of uninformed people for them to sell to, sadly.



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  • Stacy says:

    Actually, I don’t mind them selling horses, I just wish people would stop selling to them! In fact, they have ANOTHER stallion in contract in Oregon that is supposed to be heading to them soon. Hope the owner gets smart before the horse gets shipped.


  • Suzanne Moore says:

    Utterly disgusting….


  • JC says:

    New to Arabians, Bought a National champion stallion… got a letter though the Arabian Horse Assoc from Candy.. She wanted to stand my boy at her place in CA to give him more ex to good mares. She and friend drove up to my neck of the woods two plus states away with pictures of her show mares ( nice glossy pictures /mares with ribbons and bred by some large farms from back in the day, .. told us she was friends with BruMarba and others and had mares in parter with them…
    Yup, I was not quite 20 and dumb as a post, but it all (including the pictures of the place) “LOOKED” good….. Two years latter after a large court deal $… We got my boy back, He went to wonderful people in CA for two weeks until the vet down there said he could maybe make the trip home safe. He could not come all the way home for months due to his emaciated state…No joke the largest thing on him was his head. After around the clock vet care and time, he did recover and went on to live out his days making almost thirty before his passing. Is there no way after all these years..that these people can not be stopped?!!! Just makes me sick…


    • Not A Breed says:

      JC, I’m sorry you went through that. This is why I write this blog. More and more people are turning to Google to do a quickie research on potential buyers, etc. My blog does seem to pop up near the top, and for that I’m glad. Fewer people will deal with these asswipes.
      I’m glad your horse survived and lived a good life. It’s amazing the resiliency of animals huh? What a little love, compassion and groceries can do. All they want is love and care. Good for you for taking the time and money to fight for him.

      I’ve done all I can, as have you. We can only hope that between the two of us, more people will find out what Candy is all about, and her “business” will dry up and DIE.

      Thanks for your comment.



  • Aimee St. Clair (Tronstad) says:

    I worked/lived at Candy’s place in the mid 80’s when it was only Arabs. I worked my ARSE off taking care of the horses because there was NO ONE else to help me except for friends I recruited. There was never enough food; hoof care; vaccinations or places to put them. At the time I was there, she had over 30 horses on site with the ten stall barn maxed with ten stallions that never got out unless I could manage it in the round pen. I sold a few off for her, convinced her to geld a few and also got her to give away a few that weren’t show quality. She killed my favorite mare by breeding her after the vet told her not to (previous cesarean section). I turned her into animal control myself as I was killing myself trying to take care of them all (to work off my room and board you see). Plus I had a FT job outside to actually earn money. Ok, Candy is a nice lady — but she is a hoarder! She wants to keep her mares pregnant, she doesn’t ride (One time I got her on her stallion). She’s afraid of her stallions so keeps them locked in the barn and never lets them see the light of day. Hence the photos you posted. Hoof care is non existent and I had my knee dislocated trying to vaccinate because she’s afraid of them and can’t do it herself. She is a nurse!
    I went to check on the horses in mid nineties, although she didn’t not have as many on site, I found out it was because she was raising rotties. The adults had gotten loose and killed every single foal on the place that year plus got a hold of a couple of the mares trying to protect their babies.
    I’m saying this because this is first hand knowledge – not something I heard. I was there, I saw it. The Rottie issue, Candy told me this herself as I’d been away in the military when it happened. The one stallion that I broke at two because know one could handle him (a friend I recruited assisted me and has also reported her) spent the next nine years in his stall while I was away. I came back and advised Candy she to geld and sell him due to the neglect charges she would possibly face. I was the one who took time off work to help the vet geld; last I heard my farrier (after he took Fire’s slipper hooves down to normal) was going to buy him for endurance racing.
    I don’t understand how she is able to continue to buy horses and/or own them? I’ve not seen her since that time and only became aware of her neglect due to my friend emailing me recently (she still lives in CA). I called Animal Control recently when I saw the photos of the palomino Saddlebred that rated maybe a 1 on the body scale. Told them I witness to past abuses as well and never heard back nor do I think they even went out there and inspected. How about emailing the USHS??? They will and do get involved. They will take the steps to confiscate all animals on the property and adopt out once healthy.


    • Not A Breed says:

      Thanks for your first-hand knowledge! And sorry it took me so long to post your comment. I thought I would get notifications on my iPhone, but apparently not.
      Again, my hope is that people will see these stories and either not sell to these shit-for-brains, or at the very least learn to Google potential purchasers names.
      Thanks again.



  • kellie says:

    any news on these horses?


  • Iris says:

    Thanks for your information! I’m looking for a rottweiler and I found Candy Blah Blah Blah on the AKC site. She is actually listed twice with two different litters really close in whelp dates which I’ve never seen before but hey, I’m not a breeder so how should I know if something is abnormal. Anywho, I Google every breeder just to check them out but she was the only one not found; until I found this lovely blog. So I would just like to thank all of you for your honesty because I sure as heck am not buying anything from Candy Blah blah Blah.


    • Not A Breed says:

      And this is EXACTLY why I write this blog. In hopes that someone somewhere will google someone’s name and see the truth!
      I hope you read all the comments too… she really shines there. :)


  • Sandy McCollum says:

    Thank you for providing this information. I’ve been searching for a cremello stallion to breed to and was looking at The Paradox. I’ll now look elsewhere.


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