The Food Network Response

May 11, 2011 § 17 Comments

The Food Network has responded.  Un-fucking-believable.  They’ve had hundreds of comments and probably almost as many emails, yet they intend to air the show.  People have threatened to stop watching ALL shows on the Food Network because of it.  Yet, they still don’t care.

We understand there is growing concern about an upcoming episode of Top Chef Canada that is set to air Monday May 16th on Food Network Canada. Some viewers have noted their belief that the use of horse meat in a culinary challenge on the show is controversial. Please be assured it is not our intention to offend our viewers. The challenge in this episode involves having the competitors create a truly authentic, traditional French menu. One of the most traditional French foods is horsemeat. Horsemeat is also considered a delicacy in many cultures around the world.  While we understand that this content may not appeal to all viewers, Food Network Canada aims to engage a wide audience, embracing different food cultures in our programming. We thank you for expressing your concerns.


Food Network Canada

And BTW, we don’t think “the use of horse meat in a culinary challenge on the show is controversial“.  We think it’s fucking stupid.  You are basically telling anyone who watches the show that it is acceptable and healthy  to eat horse meat.  You’re telling people you don’t care about the ecological disaster that accompanies horse slaughter.  You’re telling people, horse owners, that you don’t fucking care what they think.

Good going ASSHOLES.

This is what you're eating.  A poor, emaciated horse that deserved better than to be neglected, then dropped off in a kill pen.  You fucking SUCK.

This is what you're eating. A poor, emaciated horse that deserved better than to be neglected, then dropped off in a kill pen. You fucking SUCK.


§ 17 Responses to The Food Network Response

  • Will LeRoy says:

    For the record SCREW the Food Network . . .


  • nicole says:

    i think this is a sick thing that they dont care..i will never watch the food network again..i hope the channel rots in hell for allowing this to be aired. they should know better.. FOOD NETWORK SHAM ON YOU! WHY DONT THEY TELL THE TRUTH ON HOW HORSES ARE CRULY BUTCHERED FOR THEIR MEAT. WHY DONT THEY WATCH SOME OF THE CLIPS ON YOUTUBE . I BET THEY CANT WATCH ANY OF THEM WITHOUT FEELING LIKE A BUNCH OF ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!


  • Karen says:

    wow… food network sinking to a new low… who gives a shit if other cultures eat it, What we care about is that these animals Are NOT susposed to BE EATEN? I think this is a load of shit !!! Clealy the food network dont care about what us horse lovers/ owners have to say, Screw You !


  • Tori says:

    Just out of curiosity, why is it acceptable to eat cows, chickens, ducks, pigs, sheep and countless other animals, while eating horses is abominable?

    Please don’t misunderstand, I am against the consumption of horse-meat and in no way condone Food Network’s exploitation of it. That said, I accept the fact that some people consume it and as long as the animal is raised and euthanized in a humane way I see no reason to speak out against it.

    So, is it simply the fact that a well-known broadcasting company is publicizing the consumption of horse-meat, or the the consumption of horse-meat in general that has everybody’s panties in a twist?

    Also, could somebody please explain to me the “ecological disaster” involving horse-meat? Because it actually made me laugh to read that broad, over-reaching statement.


    • Not A Breed says:

      It is exactly the fact that horses are NOT raised and slaughtered in a humane way that is the problem. Horses are not food chain animals! They are not slaughtered properly, using re-purposed cattle slaughter houses. They are given drugs that are BANNED from the food chain.
      If you’d like to read about the ecological disaster created from horse slaughter, read these articles: (link didn’t work, see below) AND (link didn’t work, see below)
      Horses have more than twice the amount of blood than cattle. They are given antibiotics, so their blood doesn’t break down in the holding tanks like cattle and other food chain animals. It’s as simple as that.


    • rose says:

      It is acceptable to eat meat of any kind. However, cruel acts to a chicken being raised in a chicken farm is not. Steroids, breeding, and hazardous unsanitary living conditions effect us and cause disease such as the bird flu. These condition effect all live stock “grown” in the U.S. As you can see there is no exception for equine. We has an “intelligent primate” have certain obligations to ourselves and the less fortunate. If we are not smart enough to properly care for the live stock we are entrusted with….. who is?


  • Not A Breed says:

    Hang on, those were shortened and don’t work. Give me one more minute.


  • Brittany says:

    This is the email I received back from Food Network:

    We received your email regarding the content of an upcoming episode of Top Chef Canada that is set to air on Monday, May 16th, 2011 on Food Network Canada. We regret that you find some of the content of the program to be offensive; it is not our intention to offend our viewers. We would like to take this opportunity to address your concerns. Before we decide to broadcast a program, our Programming Department screens it to ensure that it is suitable for broadcast. The determination of suitability includes ensuring that the broadcast would not contravene applicable broadcast laws and industry codes including, but not limited to, the Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ (CAB) “Code of Ethics”, “Equitable Portrayal”, and “CAB Violence Code”. Staying true to the original show format, the Top Chef Canada competitors are tasked with battling through a series of food-related challenges to avoid elimination. The challenge you are referring to was for the chefs to create a traditionally French menu. One of the most traditionally French foods is horsemeat. While we understand that this content may not appeal to all viewers, Food Network Canada aims to engage a wide audience, embracing different food cultures in our programming. On behalf of Food Network Canada, we would like to thank you for writing in and expressing your concerns regarding Food Network’s plans to broadcast this episode. Again, it is certainly not our intention to offend our viewers and we appreciate the time you have taken to contact us. We hope that we have addressed your concerns and that you continue to enjoy Food Network Canada programming.
    Sincerely,Food Network Viewer Relations

    I wrote back and explained that NO this does not address my concerns. I don’t care if this went through your ethics board – I care that you are promoting a disgusting, problematic industry… DURING HORSE WEEK. I also gave them a jab about how a responsible broadcast company should be promoting healthy, organic, properly slaughtered companies. I also inquired whether they support factory farming practices.


  • babara guidotti says:

    Whose moronic idea was this? Do you really think there will be no repercussions after you air this show? If you think there won’t be, just watch and see what happens to ratings for food network. Food network in the USA is very popular, one of my most favorite shows.
    Air this and You have lost another viewer. Is it worth it? A pox on the chefs that consent to do this also.


  • Lee says:

    “culinary challenge “-disgusting challenge is more like it.
    All I can say is I’m finished with ever watching the Food Network again.


  • peter bruno says:

    So now we r paying for these companies for animal cruelty ? The government better wake up cause us middle class people r getting tired of paying for all this stupid Shit goin on. What’s the government gonna do when we stop paying for all this? Taxes keep goin up n sooner than they think a lot of us r gonna just throw in the towel n give up. I live in westchester county new York where we r the only county in the nation that had a county government that’s killing all of is with taxes. Before they know it they’ll have another family leaving. Don’t they know that this animal cruelty doesn’t float in the US ANYMORE? The food channel should focus on real things like glutten free food. More n more people r getting diagnosed with cilliac n some other types of food allergys n diseases today. We the American people r tired of paying for all this bullshit! Wake up u failing government! See how the regular live n feel!!!


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