GuZoo Zoo Closes its Doors… Finally

June 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

After years of complaints, countless photos posted on the Internet, Facebook groups calling for their closure, and finally some government intervention, the GuZoo Zoo is closing down.  I wrote about the Guzoo here, here, here and here.  According to the Calgary Herald article, they are finally being shut down.  It’s about time.  According to the Herald, the GuZoo will have one week to “decommission” the Zoo and place the animals.  I also get that the government will be watching how those animals are dispersed.  They won’t be allowed to be killed and sent to the taxidermist.

No One Would Let Him Eat

No One Would Let Him Eat

The Gustafsons are complaining that they will not get any “compensation” for their animals.  While I understand this knee-jerk reaction, can they really expect to be compensated for animals they’ve neglected?  Animals they’ve bred when they’re not supposed to?  They should thank their lucky stars they’re not up on charges and facing fines or jail time.

“Call them and ask them what the status of the GuZoo Three Hills is under the new Communist Alberta. Thank you,” Gustafson said in a phone interview before hanging up.

Yeah.  Because Canada is a Communist country.  No, wait, it’s just Alberta.  Mr. Gustafson, when you break the rules and neglect animals, eventually they will be removed.  That has nothing to do with Communism.

The dictionary defines Communism as:

a system of social organization in which all economic and social activity is
controlled by a totalitarian state dominated by a single and self-perpetuating political party

We vote dumbass.  Do you get what “self-perpetuating” means?

But Lynn Gustafson’s son, Bill Gustafson, said the order is heavy-handed and offered no opportunity to appeal. He also fears the animals will have to be euthanized if no alternative homes can be found.

First, I’m happy they won’t have a chance to appeal.  They’ve had over ten years to bring their “zoo” up to code, and they haven’t seen fit to do so.  It’s over.  And while it may sound a little harsh, I believe those animals would be better off euthanized than staying in that shit-hole they call a zoo.  I believe any endangered animals will easily and quickly find new homes, but the rest – while I hope for the best I do suspect some will be put to sleep.  I can’t wait for the screams of “you’d rather murder them than let them live here”.

No, I’d rather the animal be gently and humanely put to sleep rather than let them live there.

The order will also clear the family of its livestock and dogs, he said.

All the animals on this farm were neglected.  Dogs were running up to the wolves for Christ’s sake!  You don’t deserve to have animals.  I hope there’s a clause somewhere that states you are not allowed to own any animals again for a period of several years.  That would be nice.

Bill Gustafson said the zoo is home to more than 500 animals. He also said the independent report found that it scored only a few points lower than would have been required to pass the inspection. He said the family should have been given a list of recommendations and more time to make upgrades and repairs.

Ok Bill, you have been given lists of repairs and improvements to make, years ago.  Every year.  You haven’t done any, or you’ve done barely enough to scrape by.  You haven’t, and quite obviously won’t, do anything to help yourself or the animals.

It’s over.  Finally.

What are your thoughts on this matter folks?


§ One Response to GuZoo Zoo Closes its Doors… Finally

  • Karen says:

    I cannot believe what a whack-job Gustafson comes across as when in front of cameras…psychopathic liar, saying how he was never given any opportunities to make changes, etc. I wanted to puke.
    I also noticed the camel behind him during that interview weaving (from one leg to other), did anyone else catch that? So the Alberta Government says the animals “were healthy” (well fed) but it doesn’t include mentally?
    And what also bugs me is that he is going to be re-applying for a Petting Zoo License? Good Lord, when will karma get this guy?
    Yes, sometimes death is kinder….cheers.


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