GuZoo Wants to Sell Animals

June 6, 2011 § 3 Comments

According to their most recent post… the GuZoo clan are not giving up without a “fight”.

We have so many concerns right now, from the future of the animals to how we are going to pay our utility bill next month. And in the meantime find energy to seek legal help for our situation.
I understand your income has effectively been cut off.  Yes, that is what happens when you violate the laws of this country… you can no longer charge people an entry fee to come see your pathetic animals.  But I did note your sad attempt to ask for donations towards your legal fund.
Many comments and questions have been directed to us regarding to future of our animals. We have not been given anything in writing to say that we must relocate our animals. We have been told verbally our “Decommission Plan” will be implemented shortly. However, we are unsure as to how much control we will be given to determine the fate of our animals.
Well, I suspect you won’t have any control.  That’s not how this works.  You didn’t serve those animals well while they lived there, no one expects you to make good decisions for them now.
Brave Pugs

Brave Pugs

We have however, been told by a representative of the Minister that many animals will be euthanized. This is not our will. If they allow us to stay open and operating, these animals can live out the rest of their lives here. We are told there will be no relocation efforts made for Wallace our male lion, our four black bears, and our white tail deer and elk herds. These animals must be euthanized.
Translated, that means “the big bad government is gonna swoop in here and murder all our loving animals”.  No, some animals will be euthanized.  That doesn’t necessarily mean shooting them for christs sake.  And even if it did, that would still be a better end than languishing at your place and eventually going insane.  If you do not have the proper facilities to house these animals, they may have to be euthanized.  That is a direct result of your poor decision making capabilities – which includes breeding these animals.

I want to make it clear, that this is being forced upon us, and if and when it comes down to the date of these animals execution, it will not be GuZoo Animal Farm owner or staff who will pull the trigger. I can assure you of that.

Well, duuh.  You would keep making more and more of these animals, and charging people to see them!  That’s what you’d do if you had your own way.  I think that’s been pretty obvious all along.
Please direct any questions concerning the reasons for euthanizing these animals to Sustainable Resources and Development. should be able to provide you with their reasons for the slaughter.

Yep.  There it is.  The word slaughter.  I just love, love, love how people bandy the word ‘slaughter’ about.  Like you have a fucking clue what slaughter is!  Go visit a slaughter house, and watch what happens.  Then go and watch a vet humanely euthanize an animal.  There is no fucking comparison.  But go ahead, use that word to inflame your “supporters”.  Trust me, it won’t work.  And by the way?  Did you forget that you said you would have the animals murdered I mean slaughtered I mean killed and stuffed by a taxidermist?  See how it works both ways there?
Horse Slaughter

Horse Slaughter

As for the rest of the animals, if we are indeed forced to give them all up, these animals will be SOLD, not given away, to people and organizations willing and licensed to possess them.
Dude, I do NOT think you have any say over that.  But good luck with it.
The sale of our animals is currently the only source of income we can seek at this time. All fair market value offers to purchase domestic and licensed animals will be considered. Please do not phone us with offers, please email so I may file your phone number and offer for reference should we indeed have to follow through.
Really?  Because I’m pretty sure there are several people living at GuZoo who could get a fucking job.  (Sorry, channeling my Crime Crawlers rage there.)
I won’t post your pathetic attempt to solicit offers on your animals.
And of course…
There is a campaign underway right now to raise money for legal defence. You can make a donation in any amount by cash or check and bring it to The GuZoo Animal Farm…
I sincerely hope no one wastes their time or money on the GuZoo legal defense fund.
There has been a suggestion that if every supporter of the GuZoo would donate a single dollar, there would easily be enough money to cover legal fees.
Yeah, sort of like the suggestion that everyone who is concerned for the animals at GuZoo drop a note to the proper contacts, something may be done.  I think, my friend, you’ve lost your battle.  The fact that there is no recourse, means you can collect as much money as you like… it won’t change anything.  You’ve had years and countless reports and requests to fix the issues, and you have never bothered.  Well, maybe you’ll be able to cover that utility bill…

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