Hometown Heroes Leave Carcasses in their Wake

June 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

Single German Woman with Three Kids Seeks White American Criminal

According to one source, that’s pretty-much how Christiane met Jimmy.  After they met online, they married and she moved herself and her three children to Georgia to be with her ex-con of a husband.

Christiane posted on Facebook on Jan 30th 2011:

“Jimmy Judd about this time exactly one year ago we met for the first time at Atlanta Airport after dating virtually on FB for a couple of weeks!  This first date changed our complete life…I am thankful for having you in our boys and my life. Baby, I love you with all my heart and I am so proud of what we have accomplished! You are my Redneck Hero! ;0)”

I especially love how after chatting on Facebook then meeting briefly, she calls her children “our boys”.  Two months later she packed up her kids and moved to Georgia.

One Survivor

Within a year hubby is back in jail on parole violation, and Christiane is going on on her Facebook account about how the sheriff brought Jimmy back specifically for a visit, and left them alone on more than one occasion outside with no supervision and no restraints.

“WOOT WOOT WOOT! My hero Sheriff Cecil Nobles will bring Jimmy back to Long Co. for the last 3 days so that the boys and I can see him! I am so happy and thankful! OMG how much will I miss all this in the next months!”

This just gave me so much mental energy today. At 5.30pm we went into the Sheriffs office through the back door and told them visiting time is over and they said just go back out and have an other 30 minutes! I was speachless…lol Thanks to our Sheriff and the Long County Sheriffs Office the boys and I could see Jimmy for 3 hours outside the Sheriffs Office. We were just sitting and talking and it was only us and my friend… who drove us there.

The Long County deputies rock cause they just left us outside unattended! And the best at last we can visit again tomorrow from 2pm to 5pm! ….they have been so nice to us. Today we just sat there for 4 hours and no one was at the Sheriffs office. I thought they forgot all about us…lol”

From another source regarding Jimmy’s criminal history:

Back in April, Jimmy Judd was arrested for violating his parole for possession of a firearm. He was also being investigated for fraud for creating chip-ins for animals that there are no records of them ever having possession of. He was also being investigated for having stolen property on his property. All the charges have not been sited yet due to further investigations. Although since this was a parole violation of gun charges he was sent back to jail to serve the remainder of his sentence. Jimmy Judd has a history of crime stemming back to 1988 for five counts of burglary. Then in 1990 it was burglary, theft by taking, and escape. In 1992, it was livestock theft and possessing a firearm of a convicted felon. In 1997, there was theft by taking, three counts of forgery and three counts of burglary. This last sentencing left him to be in prison until the year 2012 but was paroled in 2008.

Jimmy & Christiane Run a Rescue

Christiane and Jimmy Judd ran a rescue.  According to their Facebook profile, they were “a (501) (c)(3) non-profit organization and licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture”  They took in horses, dogs, cats, potbellied pigs, and more.  Then they locked them in crates to starve, or shot them.

Wheelbarrows full of bones.  Bags full of bones.  Bins full of bones.  All that was left were two chickens and a couple emaciated dogs.


Just ONE of the Crates of Bones

“I found crates that had entire litters of puppies that were left in them to die,” Kim Hankerson, the first person to discover the dead animals, said. “The [crates] were jerryrigged so they couldn’t open.”

These are the two people responsible for hundreds of animals suffering.

Christiane & Jimmy Judd

Jimmy ends up in jail on parole violations, then Christiane called a friend and asked her to check on the animals since she had to leave – you know, since she was on the run.  She then packed up a few surving dogs, along with her kids, and hit the road for Canada.

James Judd, listed as the registered agent of the Loonie Lane Farms non-profit corporation on the Georgia Secretary of State’s web site, has been behind bars for months for violating parole and dealing stolen property.

Of course, now Christiane was wanted:


I’m not sure why she asked someone to check in on the animals… considering they were all dead.

Crates of Puppies Found Dead - Locked in to Starve

Thankfully she was stopped at the border, and arrested.

“I checked out their Facebook page. I talked to people who recommended me to go there, and I heard nothing but good things,” said LaPine.

People are left wondering, commenting on Facebook, trying to see if the dog or horse they had to drop off is among the dead.

“Ultimately if she suffered, I just… I’m sorry. I feel bad and that I’m to blame. I just wish I could take it back,” she said tearfully.

People, if ever there was a reason to either keep your pets, or have them humanely euthanized, this is it.  You never know what will happen to your beloved pet after you hand it off to someone else.  No matter if they’re a (501)(c)(3) or what!  Please, don’t you think it’s best, if you honestly can’t find a friend or family member who can take your pet, to euthanize it?  At least you would know it hadn’t suffered.  I get it, you all like to think that dog, cat, horse, whatever, that you gave/sold to someone went to a great loving home.  It’s nice to live in that little world, isn’t it?  The unfortunate truth is you’re just as likely to be snookered by some asshole who has an ulterior motive as you are to find it an actual loving home!

…the county used Loonie Farms to drop off stray dogs at one point because they were recognized by the Department of Agriculture as a registered shelter, but they stopped taking animals there when questions about the place arose.

It Gets Worse

A spokeswoman for the Georgia Department of Agriculture said inspectors went to the farm in April and issued eight citations, but that wasn’t enough to start the process to terminate the farm’s license.

Officials said there were some carcasses on the property then but said they found far more when they returned to the property Thursday.

One Survivor

Another news source:

The only violations they discovered were some dead animals that had not been disposed of properly, along with stagnant standing water.

And one more…

In April the Loonie Farms was hit with an unannounced inspection by the GA Department of Agriculture. They, at that time, removed two horses and a donkey due to neglect. They also told Christiane that she needs to properly dispose of the dead animals. The Sheriff’s department did not seem to see any other signs of neglect to any of the other animals at that time.

So, let me get this straight, the Georgia Department of Ag inspected a (501)(c)(3) and found carcasses… and only cited them?  Nice.  Did you see this?  That was only two months ago!  The carcasses are 6+ months old.  Does Stevie Wonder work for the GA Dept. of Ag?

Comment on One Story

Ms. Diane Deloach from the Department of Agriculture inspected the farm and found no cause for actions although she gave 8 citations for horses and other issues, but failed to check back as well as on another boarding facility in Long County (edit in: that would be Jason Ashely) in regards to horses as well as others in the area like Pembroke – all neglected rescues were inspected by her, but yet she found no reason to take action – makes one wonder what our tax dollars are spent on …. the evidence for animal abuse was known to investigators and officers of long county since March. They chose not to act upon complaints and evidence until public pressure sat(sic) in – when the warrent(sic) for her was placed, they KNEW where she was but did not picked(sic) her up. When someone from the public came forward, they finally made their way over to the location and ooooops she was gone … again, this makes you wonder …

I couldn’t embed the news video, click here to view the video, then hit your “back” button to return here.



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