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June 30, 2011 § 1 Comment

Pearl’s Journey

Posted on June 30, 2011 by canadianhorsedefencecoalition

The photographs below were submitted by one of our supporters and were taken on June 25, 2011 at an Ontario livestock auction.

This aged Belgian mare, who we’ve called “Pearl”, was brought to auction by a known horse dealer, who subsequently sold her directly to a known kill buyer from the area who ships horses regularly to Quebec for slaughter.

This photo shows the condition she was brought to the auction in:

Note the size of her left hind leg.  It’s blown up from haunch to hoof and double its normal size.

The on call vet diagnosed the condition as lymphigitis.  She was observed shifting her weight constantly to avoid the pain in her leg.  The dealer who brought her in said he was told by the former owners that she’s had the condition for six years.  The auction vet said the mare was able to bear weight on the leg, so she was fit to ship to slaughter.  (If the mare lived with this condition for so long, it’s not surprising she learned to cope by having to bear weight on the leg.)

According to the Health of Animals Regulations, if an animal is able to bear weight on a lame leg, they can still be transported to slaughter.  The vet was asked to speak to the kill buyer who purchased her to ensure this mare would be segregated since she was in an obvious compromised state.  The vet also mentioned that the mare may not be accepted at the slaughter plant because of her condition, meaning her meat may not be fit for human consumption.  The kill buyer did not seem concerned and likely has sent horses to slaughter in this, and other compromised conditions, in the past.

A Last Act of Kindness

The dealer did not give this mare a chance to be saved through the auction ring.  The vet did not humanely euthanize her.  The kill buyer did his dirty deal with the horse dealer and her fate was sealed.  Instead of a well deserved retirement, her life will end or has already ended on a cold, dirty slaughterhouse floor.

This is the face of horse slaughter in Canada.

May she rest in peace.

Story:  http://canadianhorsedefencecoalition.wordpress.com/2011/06/30/ontario-auction-june-2011-pearls-journey/


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  • Suzanne Moore says:

    Sickening…… Even “legal” horse slaughter is rotten to the core. It was the very same way in the U.S. People are idiots if they think it was any better here.


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