Ralph Horney is Selling Emaciated Horses… with PHOTOS?

July 1, 2011 § 20 Comments

Ok.  This one takes the cake.  Some dumbass, who’s real name appears to be Ralph Horney (no wonder he never puts his name in ads), is trying to sell his “buckskin” horse in Kentucky… except she’s so thin it’s criminal.  Literally.

image 1

So, I sent the Chief of Police, Ronnie J. Bastin an email.  It is below.



Dear Chief Bastin,

There is a person advertising a severely emaciated horse on Craigslist.  The horse is only a yearling, but that is not an excuse for being skinny.  Imagine if a one year old child was so skinny you could see every bone… it’s the same thing.

Anyway, I’ve attached two screenshots – one of the entire ad, and one with the photo of the horse blown up a bit.

Here is the ad description, including phone number:

filly horse buckskin – $100 (waynesburg)

Date: 2011-06-30, 11:00AM EDT
Reply to: see below 

“Olivia” very gentle, not started under saddle.She is not yet a year old. asking 100, or trade. please call 1-606-282-0654

  • Location: waynesburg
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

image 0

image 2

image 1

image 3

PostingID: 2470539717

Please have someone check on the welfare of this horse.  My suspicion is neglect charges could be laid.  And where there’s one neglected animal, there are bound to be others.

I sincerely hope you look into it.  No animal deserves this sort of treatment.


Please feel free to drop a line to the Police Chief asking him to look into this matter.  Be polite and he’ll probably take you a little more seriously.


I Love Reverse Look-Up

I did a reverse search and found his name:

At least it seems he feeds some of his horses:

Actually, I just wanted you to see this fucktards face.

Actually, I just wanted you to see this fucktards face.

And likes to ride tiny donkies:

Actually, after doing some research on this guy, he does seem to sell a lot of horses, and a lot of other garbage as well.  Crappy vehicles, camera cases, and rents out houses too.  He also got divorced in 2006, and yes, I have his address.  :)

I have to wonder if this guy is picking up horses (and garbage) and reselling it where ever he can.  If that’s the case, and he honestly did not have this skinny horse in his posession, he still should not be selling it for a hundred bucks.  He should be putting a bit of meat on her bones, and ensuring she gets the care she needs.  And then, you know what???  You’d even get some more money for her!


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§ 20 Responses to Ralph Horney is Selling Emaciated Horses… with PHOTOS?

  • Barbara Warner says:

    Call the local humane society , animal control, sheriff , state police and ASPCA too. It is very hard to get anything done here in KY.

  • Not A Breed says:

    I hear that. More and more.

  • Ugh! I really wish people would take care of their animals, I will be in the area this week, short of picking the horse up (I don’t have a vehicle to pull the trailer) is there anything that can be done?

  • Angie parkhillralls says:

    I really wish that people would think before they get a horse :( can you really afford them ? Do you have shelter? Blankets for winter? Feed, hay, vitamins, supplements, shoes, vet bills, pasture for summer,. Well, maybe keep your horse from getting pregnant if you can’t afford 1……., they only suffer at the hands of ppl who think they know it all.

  • Gale Mott says:

    Lincoln County Sheriff-Curt Folger 606-365-2696. Secretary Donna is a witch.

    Lincoln County Attorney 606-365-9161

    Anderson Humane Society/Lawrenceburg 502-839-8339

    Animal Control Officer Jim Beck 606-510-4370 He has been to farm but owner is hiding starving ones.

    Harrodsburg Herald Newspaper 859-734-2726 http://www.harrodsburgherald.com They have received letters pleading for coverage with pics of these babies. NO RESPONSE!!!

    Lexington Herald-Leader http://www.kentucky.com Go to Contact Us page.
    They have also received letters with pics, NO RESPONSE!

    Please call….The babies have been rescued. Rated 1 or less than.

    • Sarah Horney says:

      How in the world do you “hide” a horse? This is crazy. My fields are all open, any one driving by can see them. My barn is open, and I love to show and talk about my horses.

  • Not A Breed says:

    Yes. I understand someone has taken in the two horses that were quite emaciated. At least they’re safe.
    I still think this guy should be charged. If he picked up the horse elsewhere, that person should be charged as well.

  • Barbara Warner says:

    I found out that nothing will be done in Lincoln Co. when I tried to get charges brought against the owner of 40-50 horses . By the time KY Ag Dept went to investigate after 6 months most were gone. Five were in Casey Co, and they confiscated them and took out charges. The owner had to pay a fine.

    • Sarah Horney says:

      Nothing would be done because its a horse rescue, pictures are taken of each horse upon arrival, all vet, farrier and feed receipts are kept to show proof of care.

      • Sarah Horney says:

        Also I have never managed that many horses (40-50) at one time, we only bring in what we can care for. It seems as though you are confusing me with someone else, or intertwining someone else who is a bad owner with me to make me look bad.

        • Barbara Warner says:

          Sarah, I was NOT talking about you. It was a case where the horses were shown on Lex. TV a few tears ago . I was just making a point that nothing was done until the few horses ( 5 or 6) left were taken care of in Casey Co. The owner whose name I have forgotten had to pay a $1,000 fine and the horses found homes. I don’t know what happened to all the rest.
          Are you kin to Ralph ?

  • william wooten says:

    i know the people your talking about ,they do horse rescue,(most horses are in this condition whan they get them) ,they do not have this horse anymore they found a good home for it,the person who did this is just a trouble maker,

  • Barbara Warner says:

    Everybody please call D.C. to ask that the SAFE Act be passed to stop horse slaughter. The 50,000 in holding by the BLM are in danger also. See http://www.WildHorseEducation.org and http://www.WildHorsePreservation.org to see what just happened to some wild horses removed from the Shelton National Wildlife Refuge. The USF&G don’t even know the meaning of refuge. This was a crooked deal IMO and not legal but we paid for these poor horses going to slaughter. . Sec. of Interior Jewell is a bad joke too I think as she is encouraging the use of fracking and is going along with the BLM to wipe out our wild horses and burros so that corporations can take over OUR public lands . JMHO

  • Sarah Horney says:

    This is the lady who does the horse rescue that this article is about, and let me just say this…. people should have come out and spoke to me first before believing this ignorance on the net. I did run a horse rescue through a few years focusing mainly on the horse auction circuit and still do take in rescues on occasion. Though money for me now does not allow me to do rescue as much as I would like I was able to bring in and re home well over 60 horses in 3 years. So while this guy is slamming me … what was he doing for horses of any sort other than telling lies on the internet? I was totally non profit and did not ask for donations or government grants, all the money came directly from my pocket. I did not discriminate against how bad a horse or pony was when I would take it in and would do what was needed to bring them back to health. This included vet care, hoof trimming, special shoeing, teeth floating and specialized feed tailored to each individual horse. Some horses were problem horses that were vicious or had training issues, all of which were worked out before adoption. Each horse was placed with their new owner carefully, each horse described in each add with no issues or concerns hidden. For example I had one horse who had been beaten by his previous owner so severely they had broken his tail, he had puncture wounds around his head and neck, which looked to me like was inflicted by a board with nails in it. I named him lovingly as ” Bomb Proof”. He was anything but.
    The owner had acquired Bomb at yet another auction as a lot of horses, this is where they throw in a ” undesirable ” horse with a horse most folks want to buy. The then unwilling owner tries to get rid of the horse usually by running them through another auction , giving them away or killing them. Bomb was then run through and auction in London, no one wanted him so the owner then brought him to the auction in Sano. I was there and when no one wanted this horse I paid $5 for him and was laughed at by most everyone sitting in the seats at the auction. Bomb put on quite the show in the ring of the auction, bouncing off the rails and nearly running over the live stock handler several times. I knew that this little horses story was like many I had seen before and he had been treated horribly wrong in his life and so he was simply doing what he had learned to do to survive. Once home he was in a two week isolation field away from the other horses to make sure he had no diseases ( I always do this since most of the rescues come from auctions). During that time I began working with him, getting enough trust from him to put a halter on him took most of the two weeks. He began putting on weight and understanding that not all people were cruel and pain inflicting.
    I would love to be able to say that I managed to make him trail worthy and that he over came all his problems, but his fear was so great that every day was like training a new horse that hadn’t been touched. Every day he would revert back to instincts and become afraid again, cowering in the corner of his walk in looking at me with eyes that pleaded for me to not harm him, he always expected to be hurt, even after months of the gentlest handling.
    After several months, He would never allow me near his tail but welcomed being rubbed from nose back to withers but that was his limit.
    I learned from Bomb that sometimes horses have been treated so badly they just need to be enjoyed in a different way, and can function well in that way.
    So when adopting him I looked for gentle people who wanted a horse just for the enjoyment of watching and caring for them. It took me several weeks to find a good match, but when Bomb went home with them I felt good because they knew his issues, understood them and accepted him for all of his problems.
    Most horses are a lot easier to home than that, most are so forgiving that they can go through abuses by cruelty or ignorance and yet manage to still be loving and trustworthy day after day.
    At any rate, if the man who started this article would have taken the time to call me, come out and met my animals and took the time to talk to me in person he could have made a difference for a lot more horses by writing the truth on here instead of a bunch of made up lies.

    My name is Sarah Horney my phone number has been changed to 606 510 0655

    Feel free to call me anytime, I enjoy talking about horses and would be more than glad to defend any accusations made.

  • Sarah Horney says:

    One more thing, I appreciate all those who read this article and endeavored to help . Its a shame that the original writer of this article posted false information causing good people to waist time on fraudulent reporting.

  • yes, bomb proof was very skiddy when you got him, but over time he got a little better. he was abused previously before purchased. he gained many pounds and went to a loving home.

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