Cindy Shaffer is Finally being Investigated…

July 25, 2011 § 7 Comments

…after years of complaints and a missing wild cat.

Yes, you heard me.  A missing wild cat.

Yes, this is an ACTUAL African Serval

Information about Cindy Shaffer, of Clark County Ohio is a little slim… but this is what I’ve found so far.

As far back at November 2010 (although one news report had it pegged as 1999!), Cindy lost a cat – an African Serval cat to be exact.  The cat was young, nine months old, and at least had been declawed but apparently might bite.  When this story originally ran, people were commenting then that Cindy was a hoarder and had multiple animals that were emaciated and not well cared for.  There was apparently a coyote that got loose and wasn’t reported missing.  She was supposedly trying to get more animals from some flea market where she’d previously purchased exotic animals.

Of course, the cat was wearing a collar… meaning as it grows the collar would dig into her neck and cause many problems – not the least of which is death.

Just one of the many comments:

This animal horder keeps a miniture horse in a dog cage outside 24X7. Her animals are in poor health & would be starving to death if not for Good Samaritans dropping off food & trying very hard to re-home some of her animals she occasionally hands over when she thinks she won’t make $ off of it. Most of her animals live in neglectful &touched circumstances. She’s been uncooperative with legitimate rescues. Please H.S. shut her down, she may be trying her best but, she is an animal hoarder!

Oh wait, here’s another gooder:

This woman is an animal “rescuer” – as she explains to neighbors. She is very confrontational to neighbors who express concern for thin and malnourished animals. She is an unemployed “disabled” drain on our community. Where is the Humane Society??

And one last one:

Although the owner has good intentions, she is an animal hoarder. Many of her animals are tied to stakes with no shelter, others live in tiny cages outside. She depends on others to give her donations of food to feed her pets which are both domestic dogs and cats as well as exotic animals. Vet care is questionable – if at all. As for her outside animals, no pet should live this way. The Humane Society has had their eye on her.

Oh, did I mention that the African Serval keeps being spotted near heavily populated areas?  Like malls and elementary schools?

So, what does this have to do with my usual subject of horses?  I’m sure you’re wondering…

Latest News

Well, the latest calamity Cindy Shaffer has created is neglecting… you guessed it… horses.

She has several horses, multiple dogs, and who knows what other animals, and yes, they’re all neglected.  Worse, this past week in high temperatures, she left the horses outside with no water for days.  Finally, after a neighbor witnesses a horse trying to get up, and then collapsing, he apparently “had enough” and called in authorities.  Really?  It took this for you to call?

How could you WATCH this???

Right.  And of course she’s trying to sell dogs in the local paper:

Ads Placed in June

Of course one of the horses had to be euthanized.  By my count, there were at least four horses in a small pen, with a few goats.  Of course there was garbage in there with them.  I suspect the horse pictured above was the one that had to be put down… but I may be mistaken.  If it’s not, that means there were at least FIVE in the pen.  The pen looked to be about 50′ x maybe 60′ or so.  There is not a single blade of grass inside the pen, but of course lots of grass outside the pen.  Of course, the pen is made up of page wire with no post caps on the t-bars.  I guess if they’re malnourished and dehydrated enough, you don’t have to worry about them trying to jump the fence…

There are also countless wire pens to hold small animals in, scattered about the property.

The Kicker?

“Officials say she has one month to start taking caring of the animals, or she could lose all of them.”

Here She Is

Cindy Shaffer
(937) 346-4995

Cindy Shaffer

Or you can call the Clark County Sheriff at (937) 328-2560

Feel free to drop the executive director of the Clark County Humane Society an email:

And if you’d like to watch the video, of the poor horse (trust me, it’ll break your heart) go here:


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§ 7 Responses to Cindy Shaffer is Finally being Investigated…

  • Pretty sure you’re my new favorite blogger – not b/c the content is great but b/c it needs to be relayed and people need to stop making excuses.


  • Cindy Shaffer says:

    This is all bull crap. It is easy to point fingers and jump on the bandwagon to tear someone down when you don’t know the truth. I am so sick of people judging me. Why don’t they just ask me. All of this crap written about me is very tainted to make us look bad. You want the truth, ask me to my face.


  • Not A Breed says:

    Is this you Cindy???
    -Cindy Shaffer, 26 ½ N. Short Street, commented: she is opposed to the development (O-26-2013); she has issues with radar and red lighting; she was almost hit by a speeding car and heard a child sustained a broken arm and leg on Halloween night; she wants to know why the downtown was not cleaned up after the tree lighting for Small Business Saturday, she is tired of cigarette butts and smoke outside the Submarine House and Leaf & Vine; a light by the library is out; she will give the City until Thursday to address drugs in town and radar or she will contact the Attorney General; and asked why she does not see members of Council walking around


  • Not A Breed says:

    Did you ever get Serafina back???


  • Cindy Shaffer says:

    The person on Short St. Is not Cindy Shaffer from Springfield.. No I did not get her back. She was very tame, but any animal mite bite if afraid. Even a bunny.


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