Arabian Auction – MILLIONS Made, of Course!

August 5, 2011 § 5 Comments

Yes Cheryl, as is proven by the prices your $10,000 black straight Egyptian Arabians went for, your horses were not actually worth that much, now were they?


And yes, I’m writing this straight to Cheryl, since she decided to comment all over my blog.  What?  Your horses went for $50-100 some of them?  What was top price?  Maybe just over a thousand?  Most went for $400 to $500ish?  Yeah.  Those are some pretty speshul horses you got there.  But no, years ago, when you first had financial trouble (which by the sounds of it, you were the cause of most of that) you wouldn’t sell any of the horses for under 10k.  What?  Are you on crack?  I mean, really, why didn’t you let a few of them go for a thousand or so, and feed the rest of them?

You see, according to eye-witness reports, most of the horses were underweight – even though they were being fed by volunteers for the last month or so – and their hooves needed trimming, and most hadn’t been ridden in over five years.  Yeah, those are some real speshul horses you got there.  Man, I know I’d pay ten thousand for one of those!

Poor Baby

So, now that the truth is out – the horses were underweight, needed farrier work, hadn’t been ridden, and weren’t ‘all that and a bag of chips’ as far as breeding goes – what do you have to say for yourself?  Were you on drugs?

Here is a sampling of comments:

  • They weren’t broke to ride.
  • Someone would have had to really convince me to take one for free.
  • The horses were underweight – even though they’d been fed for the last month.
  • There was a lack of topline cover and the wide spring of rib.
  • Hooves were long, heels flat, some constricted heels.
  • Some horses were drugged.
  • Prices; probably average was $400, a couple went for $50 and $100, a couple over a thousand.
  • Probably five studs.

It looks like Frasha went to a rescue.  Thank God.  It also appears, aside from the cancer, she had string-halt.  Nice.

My math:  Considering some went for less, and some went for more, I’ll be generous and say an average of $500 each.  For 22 horses, that’s $11,000.  Not even close to what you owed.

I’m sure Frank is ecstatic.  I know I would be.  /sarcasm

No matter how bad of a landlord he was, you screwed him.  And you screwed your horses.  At least, I hope, the horses are going to a better place.

I hope you are going to a worse place.  I hope you’re sad, grieving the loss of your ‘valuable’ horses.  And I hope you never get another horse as long as you live.  Because people like you don’t learn their lessons.  You don’t understand that other people lost money because you’re a fucktard.  You don’t understand that you were the root of the problem.  You don’t understand that there were things that could have been done to prevent this.  And you don’t understand that you have to take RESPONSIBILITY for your actions.  It”s quite obvious you don’t get that.  You did nothing but argue and excuse yourself.  It wasn’t your fault the horses were emaciated.  It wasn’t your fault the horses weren’t being properly cared for.  It wasn’t your fault the rent wasn’t paid.  It wasn’t your fault… P.E.R.I.O.D.

Grow up Cheryl.  Take responsibility.  This is entirely your fault.  And until you understand that; admit that to yourself AND to others, you will never get out of this cycle you’re in.  I’m being serious here.  Your life will never change.  It will never get better.  And you will always have problems.  Yes, you could blame those problems on others… but stop and think about ONE thing.  Why is it everyone screws YOU over?  Whether other people ARE screwing you over, is not the point.  Because even if they are, YOU are the one attracting these people into your life.  What is the common denominator?  Why Cheryl, it’s YOU.

And the bottom line is, you need to learn to be responsible for the things that go on in your life.

Things like this…

And this…


§ 5 Responses to Arabian Auction – MILLIONS Made, of Course!

  • Pat Van Biesbrouck says:

    Frasha came home with me as planned -and is happily settled in–I am not a rescue-just love arabians and old horses


  • Buyer says:

    At this moment 9 of the horses that went through this sale are at our facility.

    Prior to the sale I saw the horses 3times. They had gained weight once the farm owner seized them. Any horse owner knows you can’t throw pounds on skinny horses with out dangers of medical issues. It has to be done in a cautious and carefully managed way. The farm owner did his best, the volunteers were fantastic and like I said the horses did gain weight prior to the sale.

    As far as your comments regarding value of the horses, I’d like to ask you how well you know straight egyptian arabian breeding? I’m not trying to start an argument I’m just a little disgruntled about your comments basically saying the horses are crap.

    As far as none of the horses being broke, that is NOT true. I have three here that are broke and very sensible for having sat for a few years. The stallions are very manageable, well behaved and continue to improve.

    As far as some of the horses being drugged, in our barn we have the one mare that was under a light sedative during the sale. She was bottle fed as a baby and has been spoiled. She has no meds in her system and walks out of her stall and to turnout every day, improving slowly but surely. This little mare was under a LOT of stress as I’m sure you can imagine but she will come around in time.

    All the nastiyness online is and was none productive. It did more to hurt the horses then help.

    I’m very happy to see that the horses are now in good homes and have very bright futures, whether it be in the show ring, retirement or in the breeding world.


  • Alison Libby says:

    why is it that when people do something wrong to horses it is never their fault, someone screwed them over and in turn screwed over the horses, what you say is so true YOU and only YOU are to blame for the state of these horses suck it up and deal with it.


  • Blackberry says:

    there was a pinto stallion I wonder if he lived . the little mare could been amria or Chevy? there was also a grey gelding did he make it??. I’m just finding this all out now it makes me sick and so sad :(.


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