Jerry Finch – Says it like it is…

January 15, 2012 § 3 Comments

With permission from Jerry, I’ve re-posted his open letter of sorts.  An excellent read, and be sure to check out the comments on his page:



I’ve finally had all I can take – filled to the limit, my cup ran over. I’ve listened to all the excuses, tried to understand, tried to reason, to engage in logical discussions, tried everything I know to grasp the meaning and motivation of those who hurt animals. “Understand your enemy,” has been a mantra, a driving force behind hours of classroom work, literally hundreds of books, articles and long discussions with those far wiser than I.

The psychosis of hoarding (don’t tell me it’s just a neurosis. I’ve seen the horror up close and personal. Even neurotic people have their limits), the sociopathic beatings, the purposeful starvation, the power driven need to show complete dominance over all living things (including spouses and children), the utter and complete ignorance and lack of desire to learn about anything outside of giving pleasure to their own mortal bodies – I’ve studied all of it, tried to comprehend, did my best to overcome my bias, to swallow the thoughts of disgust and contempt.

I stood outside of horse slaughterhouses and did my best to make sense of the unthinkable. I talked with ranchers who completely believe the “slippery slope” theory and killer-buyers who see horse slaughter as a business, the same as selling used cars. They use a logic that any high school graduate can see is faulty, circular and irrational, yet I tried to understand.

I can’t anymore. It’s over. I quit.

In just a few more weeks I will have been around for 68 years. It’s almost time for me to decide what I want to be when I grow up. One thing I don’t want to be anymore is understanding. That’s pretty much over. I’ve had all the lessons in economics, government, supply and demand, psychology and religion that I need. My internal hard drive is full.

I’m just not going to be nice anymore. If you starve your horse, I’m calling you down, if you ship your best friend off to the slaughterhouse, I will tell you that, to me, you are the lowest form of life. There is no excuse. Don’t even bother opening your mouth. Go tell someone else how great you are.

I also quit trying to talk with pro-slaughter politicians. Money is the only thing they understand and the only reason they vote as they do. No person with any form of education can honestly tell me that they believe all the dribble and slobber that comes out of the mouths of those who are in it for the money. The politicians have simply joined forces to grab a handful of blood money.

The welfare ranchers want the land to graze cattle and want all the wild horses gone. Money motivated.

The breeders want slaughter so they can cull the babies with bad conformation. Money in their pockets.

The Unwanted Horse Coalition? Seriously? Filled with pro-slaughter people. Money.

The AQHA? AVMA? APHA? Uh, did I mention money?

I’m tired of the stupid arguments – “What are we going to do with all the old, neglected horses?” Well, you won’t be selling them to the slaughterhouse because they won’t buy them! The slaughterhouse rejects are dumped by the killer-buyers, then start the rumors about “people can’t feed their horses anymore so they dump them.” Wrong. The slaughterhouses want young, healthy, fat horses. 

“What about the 170,000 unwanted horses being dumped every year?” WHAT? Are you really that ignorant? Who took that count? Who exactly did that survey? What measurement did they use? Is this the true example of your supposed “scientific” ability? And people are suppose to actually BELIEVE you?

“But if we open up slaughterhouses in the US, we can be assured that horses will be slaughtered humanely.” This is on the same level of, “If we elect ___ for President, all our problems will be over.” 

Partner, I’ve been there, watching the slaughter process right here in the good old USA and I KNOW that no inspectors even cared one iota about any horse. None. I would not be a bit surprised if a horse were slaughtered better and with more kindness in the suburbs of Miami than on the kill floor of Dallas Crown. 

Temple Grandin’s wonderful design? Right. We all saw her response to the video of the killing floor in Canada. What an absolute joke that she says she “cares” about the animals.

There is simply no reason to slaughter horses. None. 

And that’s why I quit being nice and kind and understanding to the humans that tell me all about how much we need slaughter. That’s why I will never again feel the least bit sorry for the person that starved, beat or killed a horse – or a dog. It’s just not in me anymore. You are not worthy of a place in my world nor worthy of a moment of my time, with the exception of the pleasure I feel when the law slaps handcuffs on you and puts your sorry butt in the patrol car.

When it gets right down to the core of life, about the only thing in this world that makes any sense is the beauty I find in the eyes of an animal – horses, dogs, cows, pigs – heck, throw in a few birds, an elephant and a leopard. One thing about the animal kingdom – what you see is what you get. I’ve never been lied to by my horse, he never cheated on me, never ran me down to others, never left me because someone else offered him more money.

Yes, I quit. I quit being Mr. Nice Guy. Maybe I never was “nice” to begin with and, if that’s the case, I’m not about to start.

And on another note, or the same note actually:

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