Well, It’s Been a While…

March 5, 2013 § 8 Comments

Yes, I’ve been away for quite a while.  Sorry about that.  It’s been a tough year or so for me, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

I’ve still been active in the horse rescue / information arena, and have been watching this latest newsfest about the “scandal” of horse meat showing up in products labelled as beef overseas.  I’ve been thinking all along that this is probably the BEST thing to have happened to the horse slaughter industry in a LONG time (from an anti-slaughter activists POV).   The reason for this thinking is varied on my part.  On the one hand, I really believe that a solid 75% of the general population (those who don’t own or are not involved in the horse industry) have NO idea about horse slaughter at all.  I’ll recount going to a doctor for a procedure and that doctor had NO idea horses were slaughtered at all in Canada!  This was a smart, educated woman, and because she wasn’t an ‘insider’ she had no clue.  She was utterly shocked when she found out how many horses were slaughtered annually, and where that “meat” ended up.

I’ve also talked to many folks who are not horse owners or involved in the industry who have NO clue that 130+k or so horses are slaughtered for meat in Canada annually.  I can’t blame them; I had no idea myself until I started searching online for my first horse years ago!  I’d always loved horses, but had been on the periphery of the horse-world.

Beyond the fact that I believed this issue would make more non-horsey people aware of the slaughter industry, I thought (believed) many people reading about this scandal would really be offended that there are folks out there shopping in their local grocery, believing the labels as to what they were eating – yet they were being fooled!  I mean really, how offensive is it that people take the time to read labels, to ensure they’re getting the best nutritive value for their buck, and they’re NOT eating what the label says they’re eating.

Really, what if people found out the meat was actually DOG or something???

Unfortunately, I think if it WAS dog there would be more of an outcry.  That saddens me.  I see comments on news pages, and while the majority of them seem to be of the “WTF?” variety and honestly offended for the exact reasons I noted above, there ARE some seemingly average blokes commenting in the vein of “what’s the problem here?”

And then, what really pissed me off, what prompted me to come ‘out of hiding’ so to speak, today was seeing an article in the Edmonton Journal about the slaughter industry in Canada.

David Van Leeuwen, owner of Ben’s Meat & Deli sells smoked horse meat from his store

David Van Leeuwen, owner of Ben’s Meat & Deli sells smoked horse meat from his store (from the Edmonton Journal)

I have to say I was bothered with the implication that “more Canadians were willing to try horse meat in the wake of the “scandal”???  Here’s my take on this article:

“…normally a popular item at Ben’s Meat and Deli in west Edmonton…”

Really?  If you read on, you find these stats:

“…probably our top third or fourth lunch meat, is the smoked horse meat, but we’re also a Dutch store. About 55 per cent of our customers are Dutch and they’re accustomed to it … Dutch people don’t think twice about it.”

So, it’s not THAT popular, if it’s ‘third or fourth’ non?

“…A few customers ordering sausage after the European scandal have jokingly asked if there was any horse meat inside…”

Right.  Jokingly.  Maybe seriously??  There are a lot of people worried about this.  Not only because they might unknowingly ingest something they’ve not signed on for, but YES, Canadians consider horses PETS.

“I have some coming in next week, but I don’t get it very often … I probably bring it in once every three months. Usually we only bring it in for roasts and steaks.”

(My bold.)

So, if it’s SOOOO popular, why are you only bringing it in every three months????  Wow, am I the ONLY one who sees this as complete bullshit???

And then it gets better…

“Horse meat is also shipped inside Canada, particularly to Quebec where it is more commonly consumed, said the chairman of the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada, Bill desBarres, a former Appaloosa horse breeder who is also on the board of directors with Alberta Farm Animal Care.”

Yeah, I knew what I was reading as soon as I saw the name Bill desBarres.   A load of SHIT.  And only the lowest of the lowest breeders support horse slaughter.  Why are they the ‘lowest of the lowest’??  Because they know full well that without slaughter they’d have to do a better, more selective, job in their breeding.  They know that without slaughter, they’d have to deal with the “not perfect” culls themselves, instead of making a quick buck at the auction for the meat.  Selling their babies off, watching without a care as they’re lead away, calling for their mothers.

And then there’s the STATS.  Lets see.

“Canadians consume about 660,000 pounds of horse meat each year, he said.”  <–  That’s good ole’ Billy talkin’ there.

“Canada exported about 13,500 metric tonnes of horse meat in 2011, according to figures from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.”

So lets do the math.

13,500 metric tonnes equals 29,762,100 pounds.  If you do some simple math, 660,000 x 100 / 29,762,100 = 2.2

That’s TWO POINT TWO PERCENT of the meat from horses that are consumed in Canada.

But I quote, again, Billy

“Horse meat is also shipped inside Canada, particularly to Quebec where it is more commonly consumed, said the chairman of the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada, Bill desBarres”.

Oh yeah, particularly to Quebec!!!  And “commonly“!!  I love how you make it sound like so much of the horse meat is consumed in Canada!!!  Sucks that I took the time to figure it out, huh?

What does that tell me?  That tells me that this industry is BIG BUSINESS.  That they can take all the so-called “unwanted” horses, slaughter them, ship them overseas, and wipe their hands clean (as in sweep it under the rug and hope the average non-horse-eating Canadian doesn’t find out about it).  And for all those folks out there thinking “yeah, but it’s going to feed starving kids!”, please note this cute little phrase from the butcher…

“The high-end, Grade A horse tenderloin Van Leeuwen buys costs more than beef.”

So no, we’re not feeding starving children off the backs of these gentle creatures.

And the great fucktard that is Billy continues on with…

“But, you know, the good news is that all of this advertising (my bold) of horse meat has increased the interest of Canadian people to try it, and that’s pretty wonderful.”

Yeah, I’m fucking sure.  Even IF people are a little more curious to taste it, do you think that will translate into people actually starting to consume horse meat in general???  O.M.G.  If you’re not flat-out making this shit up (which I suspect you are), you are full of it to think this SCANDAL of mis-labelled meat going to UNSUSPECTING consumers will translate into a sudden glut of Canadian citizens rushing to try and continuing to purchase and consume horse meat!  And really, “ADVERTISING of horse meat”?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I can’t even BEGIN to respond to this asshat.

“The meat is healthier than beef, with less fat, cholesterol and sodium and more protein, desBarres said.”

Oh Billy, don’t forget the Bute!!!!!!

“All CFIA-inspected facilities that slaughter horses must have complete identity and medical records for the animals, CFIA spokesman Ron Lister said in an email. Horses that don’t have the proper paperwork are not slaughtered, he said.”

Well, I can’t even begin to emote on this subject.  How on EARTH are all these horses that are picked up with NO paperwork at auctions EVERY DAY, and shipped DIRECT to the slaughterhouses suddenly supposedly having “complete identity and medical records”??  I’ve seen horses marked “meat only” that still have their fucking RACING plates on.  They’re not going to some pretty little pasture eating grass and getting fat for six months before hitting the slaughterhouse floor.  They’re going DIRECT.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200.  Oh, wait, they’re collecting more than $200 for those drug-riddled horses!   And even if they WERE going to the pretty pasture (which, come ON, we ALL know they’re NOT), six months means shit.  They STILL don’t have “complete identity and medical records”!!!!  Seriously, who the FUCK are you KIDDING?

“Livestock auctioneer Bruce Flewelling buys old and lame horses and then sells them to be processed in Fort Macleod.”

Yeah, because that’s all that end up on the killbuyers trucks.  Old and lame horses.  Don’t mention the pregnant mares.  The fucking babies.  Little 6-24 month old babies making that trip.  You guys are so full of lies, so full of bullshit, that I think you actually are fucked up enough to believe yourselves.

“It’s a service to horse owners in the area east of Calgary who might otherwise stop feeding the animals or turn them loose, he said. That’s what happened in the U.S. after horse meat processing was halted, Flewelling said.”

Yeah.  Right.  Yes there are idiots who neglect their horses.  And yes horses get set “free” in bad economic times.  But it’s a proven fact that the increases were not due to the closures in the states.  Come ON.  This tired old crap?  Again??

And here Mr. Flewelling nicely contradicts himself:

“The crisis in Europe meant Flewelling could no longer sell horses to the Fort Macleod plant. He hopes business and horse prices return to normal soon.”

“Instead of your good, big, fancy horse being worth $550, now they’re worth about $300. That $250, just overnight, that’s quite a bit of money.”

Yeah, because they’re all “old and lame horses” – but I guess they’re still “big, fancy horses”.  Hmmm…

§ 8 Responses to Well, It’s Been a While…

  • Dennis Davey says:

    Mr. Finch, you hit the nail on the head when you say a MAJORITY of the general PUBLIC are COMPLETELY UNAWARE of this barbaric industry. I took it upon myself to have T Shirts made up showing a foal lookin up at a mare with the caption” Canada Stop Slaughtering Us For Meat”. I cannot tell you the OVERWHELMING numbers of the general PUBLIC who stop me, saying they had no idea this was going on.
    Frankly it should be no surprise that is how the GOVT. INTENDED IT TO BE. The media could also do a much greater job in reporting on this barbaric industry.


  • shedgirl666 says:

    I typed a big long thoughtful comment that didn’t post….so I am just going to say glad to see you back :-)


  • hope you don’t mind I forwarded a couple of your articles about horse-dung desBarres to Horsesall as they had a tribute to bill desbarres in their May 2013 issue…Volume 36…Number 5 issue to the editor at: craig.couillard@fbcpublishing.com as I saw red when I read it.I happen to live in med. hat and ocassionally run across that horse eating idiot..and I believe he took down my posters that the M.H.Co-op let me put up regarding the Alberta provincial petition to save our wildhorses as he has an office where he sells life insurance from there.


  • Sparky says:

    WoW! I am speechless after reading the list of posts here. Hopefully some food for thought.While you apparently do not mind slaughtering (yes that is killing) little red hen after she has finished laying eggs,Your turkeys, hogs , rabbits and yes! even your favourite milk cow who gave you that nutrious breakfast milk , faithfully for years< What do you propose to do with the horses that do get old? that do go lame? That all the do-gooder rescue farms buy at auction and try to turn them back to the public at inflated prices?
    You may own a horse,even call yourselves a horse fancier, but neglecting or not understanding the livestock industry, only inflames the mis-informed into more mis-guided rhetoric. Just what the industry needs! REALLY ???? ( or perhaps will his profane language will garner him support). Dismayed at your HYPOCRICY!


    • Not A Breed says:

      We don’t eat horses.
      I was going to write a long response, but you supposedly read all my posts. I highly doubt you did, since you ask the same idiotic questions the rest of the horse slaughter activists ask.

      I’ve carefully written out responses previously, and have lots of suggestions as well.

      You might do yourself a favour and go back and read those instead of asking questions I’ve already answered.


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