Tim Sappington – Asshole of the Year Award

March 25, 2013 § 35 Comments

Yep.  I’m late to the game.  BUT, I’ve been watching this story unfold via Facebook and other media outlets… and there’s something that I’d like to do.

I’d like to have the complete, unedited, version here for prosperity.

Please don’t watch this video if it’ll make you cry, stay up at night, or any such thing.  Following is the complete, unedited (no grayed out boxes covering things, no bleeps to censor the curse words), graphic video.  Also, do not watch this video if you are underage.

Please DO watch this video if it will make you angry (only) and want to stand up and do something about this asshole and horse slaughter activists everywhere.

Link to Video

I’m posting it here because it will be difficult to find, in its entirety soon enough.

My Thoughts

All the pro-slaughter activists like to call us “Animal Activists” like it’s a bad label, a dirty word.  They like to make it out like we’re a bunch of asshats who don’t know our ass from a hole in the ground.  They like to all use the same straw-man arguments to try and make us look bad (which is why I wrote Copy and Paste Comments among other things on my page of Horse Slaughter articles) and deride us and do everything in their power to make us look like terrorists.  Oh, right, they CALL us terrorists!

But, and that’s a HUGE but, there are some real assholes in the pro-slaughter activist group.  Well, most of the pro-slaughter activists are assholes, but Tim Sappington takes the cake.  He wins my newly minted “ASSHOLE OF THE YEAR” award.  Not only did he have someone film himself leading a young, extremely trusting and obviously well trained,  horse towards the camera, but he then patted it on the head (the poor horse was lapping up the attention, desperate for love and attention) all sweet like, then turned to the camera and said “”All you animal activists, FUCK YOU” and turns and shoots the horse in the head.

The horse immediately drops to the ground, legs stiff and shivering, obviously taking several moments to actually die.  It’s heartbreaking to watch.  And if this is what is considered a “humane” way to end a horses life… fuck ME.  I always said I could shoot a horse if it was suffering and it would take too long for a vet to get there and properly euthanize it… I seriously doubt that of myself now.

He then says “GOOD” and walks away.  Leaving the horse there, shivering in its death throes.

Who is Tim Sappington?

Tim Sappington works for Valley Meat Company… or should I say WORKED for Valley Meat Company (their employees on LinkedIn).  First they posted a statement saying that he did nothing wrong (since slaughter on your own property for your own consumption is legal), but they didn’t “agree” with his language and the way he put forth his ‘message’ (my boiled-down version of their one-page statement).

Then they fired him.

Why?  Because he was “unprofessional” in the video, cursing, etc.

Yeah, that’s why you fired him.  Not because he brought a shit-storm down on your company… just when you were trying to reopen a horse slaughterhouse in that very neighborhood???

What is surprising is that his own daughter is the one who uploaded the video to her YouTube account!  Not sure why!?  Was she the videographer?  Or did she disagree with his statements?  How old is his daughter?

And most importantly… why did this video take six months to go viral???  She must have some pretty sick and twisted friends / followers that they wouldn’t have passed this around in disgust for six months!

Apparently good ol’ Tim lives in Dexter New Mexico, and has been receiving death threats.  That is why the FBI has stepped in.  Not to look into Tim and his evil-doings both past and present… but to protect him and hunt down all the evil animal activists who have threatened to kill Tim.

According to one comment I saw:

Timothy Craig Sappington Jr.” at 221 Dallas Morgan Road, Dexter, NM 88230 and at 229 Dallas Morgan Road, Dexter, NM 88230. 221 Dallas Morgan Rd. is listed as vacant land and the 229 Dallas Morgan Rd. is a Mobile home..and the picture of the coward shooting the horse shows a mobile home in the background.

Not that I’m telling you to do anything…

I can’t seem to locate his phone number.  Sad.

“The New Mexico Livestock Board has launched an inquiry into the shooting as a possible case of animal abuse. But the sheriff noted that it’s not illegal for a horse owner to kill the animal and eat it, saying it’s no different than a farmer who slaughters his pig and consumes the meat. That’s because horses are considered livestock and no different under the law than cattle or pigs.”

From things I’ve read, the authorities have found the hide of the horse (named Justice – either unluckily or posthumously) and the “meat” in the freezer.  If the horsemeat is truly in the freezer (six months later) and can be DNA’d as a match… he may have a defense – legally.  If none of the “meat” is actually from that horse, well, I suspect they can charge him.

Unfortunately, you can’t charge someone just for being a prick.


OH!!!  I have no idea if this is actually true, but if it is it’s the most amazing example of Slaughterhouse Sue trying to twist ANYthing she finds to suit her own agenda…  But I did read somewhere that she was actually using this video as a great example of “humane slaughter”!

Oh fuck ME.


§ 35 Responses to Tim Sappington – Asshole of the Year Award

  • If Slaughterhouse Sue can turn the Jascha Lottin incident into a positive thing, no doubt the Sappington video is also humane and praiseworthy.


  • redmm97 says:

    My sentiments exactly!!


  • LNorman says:

    What he did is a hate crime against all animal advocates and malicious animal cruelty. Hope he dies slow miserable death from bute consumption.


  • Daisy says:

    This is horrible, but probably better than what happens in a slaughterhouse, which ain’t sayin’ nothin’ in favor of slaughter. I’m surprised $uey didn’t say it was “doctored” as she claims all animal abuse videos are.


  • Kim says:

    I am disgusted …..


  • Suzanne Moore says:

    Yes, Sappy Sue DID call this an example of the right way to put a horse down. I’ve long since stopped being surprised at ANYTHING this psychopath says.

    BTW Glad to have you back, NAB!


  • katie1113 says:

    This man shouldn’t even be alive and walking. He deserves to have a slow, painful death and to be left somewhere miserable.this is completely inhumane and against any animal laws out there. Fuck him! I have hope he’ll get his! Peace, animal lovers!


    • Sara says:

      This video made me cry and I nearly smashed one of my walls it made me so angry. I am most certainly not saying this man is innocent or has it hard but what I am saying is that it’s FUCKING IN HUMANE TO SHOOT A HORSE IN THE HEAD AND LEAVE IT BEING A TOTAL ASSHOLE NO FUCKING WONDER HE IS RECEIVING DEATH THREATS!!!!!😤🔫


    • Sara says:

      You know what he deserves to be able to trust someone and when he thinks he’s going to be ok someone will pull out a gun and shoot his fucking brains in the air


  • mls says:

    We need to send him to North Korea for a truce as a FREE gift! They can keep him and do with him what they like!


  • Lynn says:

    RseThat guy is sick. He must hate himself, and every one, and every thing. He is a loser, taking his frustrations out on others, people and horses. He is a sick killer. It doesn’t say much for some in our government either. If any one can get a horses slaughter place open in the U.S. it wouldn’t be surprising if some tried to sneak horsemeat in anykind of ground meat we may by at grocery stores.Also who knows what’s in any kind of meat products shipped to U.S. from other countries. I quite buying any kind of ground meat products, and only buy beef roast or steaks, and whole or cut up chicken. Because their not sneaking horsemeat in my food. I have a question, does that Valley meat place in New Mexico plan to slaughter both horses and cattle at the same place?????? I have a feeling if any horse slaughter place opens in the U.S. that horses meat will be sneaked in
    ur food. I hope and wish and pray horses slaughter will be stopped. People who starve and or abandon, neglect, horses, should be arrested, their house, property, car, and more taken. People should stop breeding so many horses, when there is tôo many unwanted horses.Wasn’t it obama signed a bill for horses slaughter. Or same as. Obama, his wife should get to go to a ribbon cutting ceremony if and when (hopefully not)the first horses slaughter plant opens, and get a tour of the place. I did not vote for obama. I voted against him both elections.


    • Suzanne Moore says:

      No, President Obama signed a Federal Budget that – because of endless arguing between Horse and Senate – was a must sign to keep the government from having to shut down – just as the three legislators who – in a late night, behind closed door meeting at the last minute removed the defunding of USDA horse slaughter plant inspections language out

      Neither the President nor many others who signed it probably didn’t even know the alteration had even happened. But, it was a must-sign anyway, whether they knew about it or not.

      President Obama is currently pressing for that language to be restored and has accepted USDA Secretary Vilsack’s change to the USDA’s 2014 budget request to again defund USDA inspections of horse slaughter plants.

      If we could ever get anti-horse slaughter legislation through Congress, he’d sign it in a moment.

      You don’t have to like our President, but at least get your facts straight before flaming him for something that was NOT his fault.


  • Lynne says:

    Anyone who eats meat should get a tour of every slaughter house. How many would eat meat then after seeing the terror of the animals. It is not just horses that suffer.


  • john waple says:

    Get the cartel to torture and kill him! They know how to kill ya slow! Is there really a god that lets pricks like this asshole exist?


    • Not A Breed says:

      Just heard today that he’s NOT being charged with anything either.
      If there was a god, he’s long gone.


      • C. Atkins says:

        No charges for an asshole and his daughter intentionally murdering
        just to taunt people who care about animals and their well-being?!!
        It is very obvious that he didn’t kill this innocent for food, it was sheer
        malice. It would seem the sheriff (and FBI?) is as much an asshole as this sorry piece of shit and his daughter. I hope they rot in hell for all eternity.


      • bdm says:

        There is a God , and this Asshole will pay, what goes around comes around so watch out Sappington!


  • peggy says:

    where the heck is peta????????


  • Barbara Guerra says:

    Tim you will get what is coming to you, Karma. When you least expect it and when you just think you are the happiest in the world, it will strike.


  • leelee says:



  • Corrine says:

    That was weird… Anyway, Tim is definitely going to hell, no doubt about that.

    It’s amazing that in today’s society, people can get away with executing, video taping, and promoting such heinous acts. The world, our government, so many people- are so corrupt and twisted, it’s scary. At least we have all the good, compassionate people that actually care enough to advocate for the innocent & helpless. Poor horse :( Evil Man.


  • Sandra says:

    Yes, this killing was totally despicable but unless we all continue to fight for animal protection, nothing will ever change. If everyone thinks this was disqusting , just investigate the new horse slaughter plants being opened to kill for profit in a most inhumane way. Or, check out the animal experimentation being funded by our own government to the NIH and other institutes. Check out Peta’s website and help stop this and other very disturbing acts, which ignores the Animal Protection Act. It’s up to all of us to save all animals from ignorant insane people like Tim Sappington. Maybe we all could try and find the idiot Sheriff’s email or address, or phone number and let him know how we feel about his outrages decision. They are probably “buds” anyway!


  • H. Bielefeld says:

    Sappington’s face looks familiar, I believe I’ve seen him hanging out in the men’s room at the Roswell Greyhound depot. Shooting horses isn’t his only hobby.


  • Gina says:

    Hopefully karma will catch up with him.What an evil idiot,& poor excuse of a human. I hope nobody gives him another job.


  • I imagine this is the type of person working in the facility, Void of emotion and humanity. This is a dangerous area for the human brain to go, as what life form is next for murder without a care in the world. He will get his in the end.


  • bdm says:

    And besides Sappington being huge Asshole and Prick, the DA that decided not to charge his is also a huge Asshole and Prick!!!!!!!!!!!


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