24 Hours – Katie Brown

November 28, 2015 § 4 Comments

It only took 24 hours for Katie Brown’s photo of her chocolate lab with a taped muzzle to be shared by rescue groups, commented on by her friends, and shared over 200,000 times.

It came across my feed early Saturday morning, at which point I checked out her ridiculously unsecured Facebook page and saw it had been shared a few thousand times.  Just seven hours later and she’s up to 264,298 shares.

At 9 am she had only 94 friends, although I suspect she was unfriended by at least several before I saw her page.  Seven hours later she’s down to 74 friends (I can only assume they don’t go online often).

She’d been lambasted by many of those friends prior to 9 am this morning, and only defended herself.


Poor Baby



Yes, defend yourself with idiocy.

Aside from what she did to her poor dog, this woman has done nothing but whine about her life, and go on about the men she is dating (each one being the “love of her life”).  I feel sorry for the latest guy, “Col James Riggs” who she purported to be in Afghanistan and returning in November.  If she’s actually dating him, I feel for him in that he came home to a whole different kind of shit-storm.


I do note, however, that as of 9 am this morning, Mr. Riggs was not friends with Katie Brown on Facebook… so either he saw that post and immediately unfriended her, or she’s batshit crazy and isn’t even with this guy.  At the very least, I’m sure he had no idea what kind of person she was.

As of now, police have been in contact with her (adult) son whom she was visiting in Florida, and apparently she’s “in transit” from one place to another (back to CT?).  I also know the ASPCA is investigating as well.  This will not go unnoticed – thanks especially, to the HUNDREDS of people who have called police and the ASPCA in both towns she was figured to live in.  You’re putting me out of a job, and I’m grateful for that.

I have no idea what will happen to Katie Brown, but at the very least I hope the dogs, cat and any other pets will be placed in foster care and eventually adopted to approved homes.  She’s not only abusive, but she’s stupid.



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