Elvis has Left the Building

December 30, 2015 § 20 Comments

Florida, a state known for its horrendous treatment of horses, has a new spokesperson.

Ok, that might be a bit mean, but ignorance of the law is no excuse in a courtroom, and ignorance of horse care shouldn’t be an excuse to leave a horse down and dying for over TEN DAYS.  There’s a small, tiny, piece of me that feels for this gal for losing her horse, but then I look at the whole picture and see a systematic issue in her story.

Lets go way back first, to June 2012.  There was this couple named Jessyca Broom and Brandon Duff.  They left their one-year-old baby in a car, with it running, unlocked, in Jacksonville Florida – for “just a few minutes” of course – while they were checking out a house for rent… and it was stolen.  Luckily for them, it was abandoned 45 minutes later with the car still running and their baby Italia safe inside.


I hate to say it, but after everything I’ve learned about this couple, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they set this up for the attention – especially when one article said they “couldn’t afford” to move back into their apartment.  I didn’t search much, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

babystolen cant afford

Fast forward, and now they’re rescuing and fostering dogs.  Except, one of the dogs Jessyca rescued, that she renamed Irish, is pregnant.  After not responding to the actual rescue organization Saffari that was supposedly managing this dog in April, she sells the puppies for $200 each.





She then tries to give Irish away in August and then again in September.  Oh, and Jessyca says no one can breed her because “she will die her placenta is not normal”.  She then demands that the dog only be fed a specific food.


She’s “clingy”?  So you rescue a dog, she’s “clingy” so you want to get rid of her???




If you’ll “be dammed” if she does it again, why not have her spayed???


Maybe she actually needed to give Irish away because in August she “rescued” a horse or two.  She posts pictures of the one underweight horse, Blitz, being ridden by her hubby and little girl (without helmets of course – but she swears while being interviewed after Italia was “stolen” that she’d never put her in danger again…) just four days after rescuing the horse (so you know she knows that horse would never buck or bolt).  Yes, throw a western saddle, a man, AND a child on an underweight horse.  Sweet.  Of course she defends herself by saying the horse really needed to bond with them with “under saddle time”.



Then, keep in mind she rescued the horse in August, she posts photos of the same horse in October, and says


Considering the fact the horse was not THAT underweight to begin with, you think you would have seen at least a subtle difference in two months.  Shit, with proper care, management and nutrition, you can easily put a couple hundred pounds on a horse in a couple of months – I know, because I have.  But apparently these people will use the “HE’S A RESCUE” excuse for ever.


Oh, and meanwhile in May they were looking for a ride from their biker friends to Hooters, with their daughter Italia.  Because Hooters is a great place to bring a kid.

Ok, I have one more thing to say about her child rearing capabilities.  She was posting on local swap sites looking for a babysitter for the same night, “preferably at her house”, but insisted on a home visit and references for Irish.

Moving on…

Another “Rescue”

She apparently “rescued” this second horse, name unknown, around the same time she “rescued” Blitz;  this beautiful paint who of course needed a “rebel flag saddle pad” asap!


Thank GOD she found one!



Enter Elvis

At some point, she rescued an Appaloosa named Elvis as well.

Unfortunately, within a few months, this two-year-old stud horse would be down on the ground, languishing for over ten days without vet care, and it would take the sheriff and a vet showing up and threatening her with charges to get him humanely put down.


I’m not sure what Jessyca was thinking, getting an unaltered two-year-old stud colt, considering her absolutely inadequate knowledge of horses.  And of course she had to ride the poor baby!  But did she consider getting him his shots?  Noooooo.  Because that would have saved this poor horses life.

The second this horse went down, she was online looking for funds / donations to help out.  She was posting on multiple pages, looking for sympathy and anyone who could donate either cash (directly to her of course) or items for her to sell FOR cash.




She stated the vet had come and taken blood and sent it to a lab but it would be at least a couple of weeks for the results – but the vet she named specifically stated that he only came once and only did a cursory exam because she couldn’t pay him.

No less than TEN DAYS went by; meanwhile a Justice for Elvis facebook page was set up,  and more and more information about the couple was surfacing.  Some of the information had to do with baby-daddy Brandon Duff having a recent arrest for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and discharging a firearm in public (June 2015)…


…and then she comments that she has prepaid for day-and-night vet care so donating direct to the vet isn’t an option, please donate to her directly!

Elvis went down around December 17th, and was finally euthanized December 29th.

elvis is dead

Of course the people who organized the horse to be euthanized are having to try to raise funds to bury the poor thing.  And while I appreciate that they are not directly involved and shouldn’t have to foot the bill, it’s utterly ridiculous that Jessyca raised funds that she obviously did not spend on the horse, and had a nice fucking Christmas filled with gifts and a new saddle, but other people are expected to pony up (no pun intended) for its burial.


And of course she’s not being charged criminally, because she relinquished the fucking horse!  I can only hope that the sheriff will keep a good watch on any other animals she has.  At least we now know that Blitz has gone to a better home where he’s being cared for.

Merry Fucking Christmas


Just to be clear, Jessyca has gone by several different names – Jay Duff being the latest (Jessyca Morgan Duff, Jessyca Duff, Jessyca Broome, etc.), and has a couple (at least) different Facebook accounts.  She recently locked down her accounts security-wise after this debacle, so I’ve got screen shots of her two accounts.


Edit: post has been edited to differentiate between the paint horse and Elvis


§ 20 Responses to Elvis has Left the Building

  • Heather says:

    There is the paint with the saddle pad mistakenly labeled as Elvis. That is not Elvis, the question is, Who is that horse and is it safe?


    • Not A Breed says:

      I didn’t realize that was a different horse?


      • Safierdrgn says:

        Yeah the paint with the saddlepad is a different horse, definitely not Elvis. It was another “rescue” of hers.


      • Curious says:

        How coudl you not realise they’re different horses? their markings AND colour are different….


        • Not A Breed says:

          Well, let’s see!
          On further inspection, both photos of the paint are obviously not Elvis.
          I don’t think it’s inconceivable that I could think it was the same horse as I wasn’t inspecting every single photo.
          Dirt, cleanliness and lighting all play a role.
          That being said, I’ll correct the post shortly.
          Thanks for pointing it out.


    • Brookie b says:

      The bay “paint” ‘s name is 12 year old Maranello. He was the first “rescue” they got. And was completely emaciated when they got him. They also have a 2 year old palomino saddlebred “Agarra”. As far as I know, they still have both of them, but I’m unsure of the condition of both. I have yet to see full body pictures of either of them since they’ve been in jessyca’s full care, unless their top lines or covered with a saddle, or saddle pad. Elvis is a gray spotted walking horse stud colt. He was their third and most recent horse.


      • Brooke b says:

        And they did not do the rehabilitation of the the first rescue. The barn they originally boarded him at was a full care facility who went above and beyond to rehab Maranello and put 200 lbs on him. while Jessyca was MIA for the first 2 1/2 months of owning her horses. After trying to work with them financially and trying educate them horse care and health, They Were finally asked to leave the full care barn. the only thing that they were responsible for were farrier and vet charges, and they didn’t have either horse’s feet trimmed in the 3 months they were there, and would not call a vet when the barn owner suggested that their young saddlebred needed to be seen


  • When will folks learn to keep their donations to legit rescues that are registered with their State and a 501 (c) 3? It takes 5 minutes to check an Organization and make sure they are legit. Donating to people like this instead of calling authorities, compounds the problems for the animals at their mercy. Time and time again thus of us who are real rescues see these sick, sub human, lying, thieving, void of morals or conscience for the innocents, take a lot of people for a ride. In the end the animals lose now and in the future. They should both be in jail. But the good old boy system that should have charged them with felony horse abuse, once again refuses to do the paperwork and see the CRIMINALS prosecuted. We pay deputies, AG dept and prosecutors to do their blasted job and if they did, this stuff would end in short order. Blood boiling.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Did we ever find out what was wrong with Elvis in the first place?


  • Meshala akeley says:

    This girl has been nothing but a train wreck since high school. I feel bad for italia, and thank God she gave up her second daughter for adoption. She shouldn’t have any kids or animals!!!!! 😡


  • Kaylan says:

    Not a breed can u contact me personally ? I gave her a black horse back in the beginning of October 2015, I am worried for him after reading this article , I gave him to her with the intentions of him being well cared for !


    • Not A Breed says:

      Kaylan, I have not seen any information regarding a black horse, and I researched her for HOURS. I would suggest you contact the local authorities and see if they can find out any information for you.
      My email is notabreed(at)outlook(dot)com but I’m not sure how much help I would be.
      Another possibility is to go to the Justice for Elvis Facebook page and look at the comments as her baby-daddy was responding on there.


  • Deb says:

    I live in Edgewater and already have 3 horses on five acres. They are fat and sassy with the exception of the old lady who is 28 years old. She gets fed extra to keep weight on but still looks good. I would be more than happy to house these two. I can separate into two sides. We’re on sand, but horses always have hay, water, and a canopy to get under. They also get fed Strategy twice a day, feet done every 6 weeks and teeth floated once a year.
    I know it’s not much … but they would be a helluva lot better off than they are now!!!! I just want to slap that ignorant bitch for the torture she has put them and all the others through!!!


  • SarahAnn says:

    And now she has goats, chickens, ducks, and pigs all at her house and inside her house. More animals that will end up dying!! When will the law finally realize what she is doing?!


  • jennipher gutauckis says:

    She is back on Facebook trying to get rid of the Grey and white female pit and one of her male puppies!


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