A Stolen Dog and the CHS

February 5, 2016 § 8 Comments

I recently came across a post on the Calgary Humane Society’s (CHS) Facebook page via a friend-of-a-friend.  While I believe that there is a LOT of great work done by Humane Societies, I do see instances whereby an HS has overstepped its’ bounds and becomes so enamored of itself and so entrenched in what it’s doing that it fails to see what it’s doing.  It digs its’ heels in and will not, under ANY circumstances, back down.  To back down means to admit they are wrong; admit defeat.

Unfortunately, it looks like this is what is happening in Calgary with the CHS right now.  They have been holding a dog named Onyx, while doing an investigation – but how that dog arrived at their door and the circumstances surrounding the dog are dubious at best.  This has been ongoing for over a week now, and it’s time to end the charade and let this dog return to his loving owner.

This is the story of Onyx, and his young tattooed, bearded, rocker/punk/hipster owner who fits the OLD caricature of a bad owner.

kelly 04

Meet Kelly Poudrier

He’s a young man, a father of a young child, and someone many “older folks” might consider at first glance a “bad dude”.  He has tattoos.  And a beard.  He’s a bit of a free-wheeler in that he likes music and 4×4-ing.

The flip side of that is that he has a steady job as a Shop Hand at a reputable business, and lots of family and friends that are standing up and saying he’s a good guy who loves his rescued dog Onyx and treats him very well.

kelly 06 oldest pic

According to multiple posts on the CHS Facebook page, a neighbour purposely took the dog (read: stole) out of his owners fenced yard, and turned the dog Onyx into the CHS purporting to be the dogs owners.  The dog has a microchip registered to Mr. Poudrier, yet he was not notified that the dog had been turned into the CHS.  While hours/days went by and an anguished owner was searching for his dog, the CHS did nothing other than put his dog in a kennel and observe the dog.  Not until Mr. Poudrier called the CHS to report his dog missing did he find out they had the dog.


He was posting and actively looking for his dog!

This dog was being held because the thieves purported him to be emaciated, and the CHS decided they need to “investigate”.  They didn’t take into account that not only did the owner report Onyx missing to the CHS, but that part of the breeding is Whippet.  Anyone who has seen a Whippet knows that they always look emaciated to the untrained eye.


While Onyx doesn’t look like a typical Whippet, speaking as an owner of a mixed breed dog, my “Lab” could look emaciated to the average Joe as he is mixed with Border Collie which makes him a lot lighter in stature while he looks all Lab.  Well, at least that was the case until he turned five.  Now he looks like a “fit” lab.  :)

kelly 02


According to posts on the CHS Facebook page, the CHS has denied Mr. Poudrier the right to visit his dog while in their care.  It’s now been eight days!


Original Post

Considering the vast number of people who have commented on this post about how much Mr. Poudrier loves and cares for his dog, I have to wonder why the CHS doesn’t allow him to interact with Onyx and monitor the situation.  There are dogs in the States that are “under investigation” due to vicious attacks that are allowed visits from their owners.

Aside from a standard canned response from the CHS, there has not been much response or explanation on Facebook.


So I sent them a message.  :)

Following is the text of the message, sent at 10 pm EST:

Good evening CHS, I just wanted you to know that I plan to write a story about the stolen dog owned by Kelly Poudrier that was turned into CHS and was wondering if you would like to comment.
You can see my blog at https://notabreed.wordpress.com/
I write extensively about bad owners, as well as bad breeding practices of any animal, and horse slaughter. I’ve also written about the failings of Humane Societies of different areas. I’m kind of a an unbiased writer… I seek the truth and write about when I think someone has done wrong, but when someone has BEEN wronged I will also write about that.
If you would like to provide a comment, other than your standard response on Facebook, before it is published, please feel free to respond here or send me an email at notabreed(@)outlook.com
I hope to hear from you soon.
I will be straight-forward and let you know that I am sending the exact same message to several people involved so you are aware that others may be sending their comments to me; however that affects your thinking.
And I did send very similarly worded messages to a few commenters on this post, as well as Mr. Poudrier.  So far I’ve been told that Kelly’s entire family are animal lovers and that there is no way he would starve a dog – his family wouldn’t let him!
Not only that, but the investigating officer will not meet with the owner.
Following are just a few of the comments on that original post to the CHS.
08 george
Look out CHS, you’ve riled up some people who are not going to let this go!  They’re now flooding the page with the following photo:
kelly 08
As I stated, I did send a note to the CHS via their Facebook page, and received the following response from them:
Hi, thanks for your interest. All media requests need to go through our Manager of Communications. Please give her a call or email her for a statement. Sage Pullen-McIntosh 403-723-6033 Sage.PullenMcIntosh@calgaryhumane.ca
I sent an email to Sage Pullen-McIntosh.
Interestingly, just 20 minutes after I sent the email, the CHS posted the following note on their Facebook wall:


We have received a lot of inquiries recently about a particular ongoing investigation, and while we acknowledge all of the interest regarding this case, we are unable to discuss specific details openly.

This case was brought to our attention by a concerned party and we are working to ensure a detailed investigation takes place. Our Peace Officers work to uphold the Animal Protection Act of Alberta, and are doing their due diligence to make sure this animal is healthy and safe.

In investigations like this we always deal directly with the person involved.

Should an animal owner believe that their animal was stolen from private property, they should make a report to Calgary Police Service whom we will cooperate with fully.

Charges are possible in cases like this but we are unable to speak publicly about it due to confidentially. We appreciate your understanding in the matter.

People immediately called them out about their “In investigations like this we always deal directly with the person involved.” and I can’t blame them for calling CHS out on this.  And really, how LONG does it take to do their “due diligence”?  And how do you do “due diligence” when you haven’t even spoken to the owner, nor his family or friends?
Sorry, I’ve gotta call this one and say the CHS has their back up against the wall and doesn’t want to appear to be caving to public pressure so they’re going in the opposite direction.  The wrong direction.
FYI:  I did finally receive an email from Ms. Pullen-McIntosh, but it was almost verbatim what was in their “position” above.  I responded and asked directly about “any final comment regarding the fact your officer has refused to meet with Mr. Poudrier?”
EDIT:  Just received a response from Ms. Pullen-McIntosh that reads, in its entirety, “This information is inaccurate.”
So they’re saying their officer has not, in fact, refused to meet with Mr. Poudrier.
Worse?  I highly doubt Mr. Poudrier will see his beloved Onyx until next week since it’s Friday.
I will update the story when I have more information.

§ 8 Responses to A Stolen Dog and the CHS

  • Danielle Smith says:

    I have two responses and two separate statements that differ with respect to the seizure from the CHS with regard to to actual circumstances. We should chat. Email me


    • Maureen Gladue says:

      Can I ask what “the actual facts are??”


      • Not A Breed says:

        I’d like to know as well.
        I suspect there is a little subterfuge on both sides. I didn’t get much of a response from the owner, and the CHS isn’t being overly informative either.
        I’ve seen these situations before.


      • Not A Breed says:

        Sorry, I didn’t realize on my mobile app that you’d responded to Danielle. She did contact me with the responses, and while there was one thing “new” that I hadn’t seen, it didn’t bear repeating until further facts or an end to the situation comes to light. I prefer to leave it at this right now until such time.


  • Wendy Lewis says:

    Seems to me the CHS has gotten it wrong on this occasion and needs to get onyx and his owner reunited at once.


  • brenda carty says:

    Unreal.This is bang out of order.I hope the one that stole Oynx gets their come uppence.Oynx should be returned to his owner.


  • Shea L says:

    I don’t understand why people think they are going to get all the details of a case over social media, and expect all of their questions answered on such a source? This looks to be a legal case, not something that can be openly shared, just like any case involving any type of law enforcement. I’m pretty sure this whole situation could have been handled perfectly fine between the organization and the dog owner, without having to blow up all over the internet. People attacking either side over social media looks like it has only made things far, far worse than it had to be. Just my opinion


  • Kenneth Cappon says:

    Because of the response the CHS has been getting, they have called Kelly Poudrier and made it clear that they do not appreciate the pressure they have been getting and told him to back off . . . Last news has been that he did get his dog back after 6 weeks and he received a summons to appear. Because of this Kelly is still cannot comment freely about the situation in case things get worse for him.


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