Horse Slaughter Articles

I have written several articles about horse slaughter in Canada and the US.  They are listed below in order of oldest to newest.  I do suggest you read them in order, as they make more sense that way.

I will add to these lists as I write more, so this is the place to find a comprehensive, ordered list of my slaughter articles and commentary.

Thank you for visiting, and please leave a comment with your thoughts.  Feel free to cross-post as well.  If you quote me, please link back.

Horse Slaughter

Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare

Horse Slaughter…. Why?

Horse Slaughter…. Solutions?

Interesting Article – Proves My Point(s)

Other articles, responses and commentary I’ve written on slaughter:

Response to Tom Lenz


Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada – Bill DesBarres (Article about HWAC and an email I sent Bill Desbarres)

Response from Bill DesBarres HWAC

A Quick Thought

Response to a Comment (IronMan)

Word of the Day – Pro-Slaughter Activist

Copy and Paste Comments

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