Spelling Made Easy

There is a difference between the words QUIET (meaning calm: the horse is a quiet horse) and QUITE (completely, wholly, or entirely: quite the reverse; not quite finished).

When a male horse has been surgically altered so as not to be able to breed (it is no longer a stallion), it has been gelded, not guelded.

You’ve reduced the price, not reused or redused.

A horse is, or can be registered, it is not registerd.

You are mounting a horse, not mouting a horse.

You have been riding a horse, not ridding a horse.

It is purebred not pure bread.

And, from a fantastic blogger, The Oatmeal:

§ 7 Responses to Spelling Made Easy

  • thinkgoat says:

    Ha ha! I imagine this is a work in progress! At least you’re able to instruct on a specific topic, we’re still attempting to cover the basics: “you’re”, “your”, “to”, “too”, etc.


  • thinkgoat says:

    Thank you. You’re proving to be a gracious host!

    The people who feel compelled to add an “e” to their words like: “haveing”, “battleing”, “mingleing” drive me nuts. It’s truly been a drawback of connecting with old high school classmates on facebook. I cannot understand how we could have shared the same teachers early in life and come out completely different. College doesn’t teach one rudimentary spelling rules and for Christ’s sake, most internet browsers have a built-in spell check. The red squiggly line does NOT mean, “Whoa. Excellent word choice”.


  • Not A Breed says:

    I need to add a “like” button on the comments. ;)


  • sarahperformtransform says:

    You just nailed so many of my pet peeves. Thanks for the laugh (amidst a bit of irritation I suppose as I see these errors daily, everywhere. :)


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