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If you’ve seen something outrageous, please feel free to submit it to me.  Email me a link but be sure to also include a screen shot of the ad (they disappear so quickly) and your commentary (which may or may not be included).   :-)

I am focusing on Canadian ads, but if it’s really outrageous I’ll post it no matter where it’s from.


If you come across an article you feel I should comment on, please email me a link.


If you know of a breeder who (a) has an online presence of some sort and (b) really does idiotic things, feel free to drop me a line explaining your issues and linking to their website and/or any boards they post on.

§ 3 Responses to Submit Content

  • Elisabeth eastley says:

    Hi there

    This is not a comment but a question. I’m unable to scroll all the way down so can’t tell if there is another way of contacting you. I am looking for a site that is not abolitionist but rather is able to agree on the worth of animal welfare organisations for the protection and removal of animals in abusive situations. Could you let me know which “philosophy” you follow?




  • Geni says:

    Wan’t sure where to post this. This is “Jay Duff” on facebook as she know as.

    She has a 3 year old stallion who’s been down and cannot get back up for the last 8 to 10 days. She said she has paid for nightly and daily vet care but hes still in the pasture laying on the ground. She swears her vets say he’s improving so they see no reason to put him to sleep, which is giant BS. Its gone in to animal abuse. She wont let anyone give fund directly to a vet (because there isn’t one) it has to go straight into her paypall. She’s con artist and a animal abuser.

    there is now a group that has a page up to get justice for elvis.


  • Rachel says:

    With you posting people’s names and their personal image on here without properly understanding the situation you are ruining their lives. People’s ads have been hacked and police were involved. It’s about time you remove your slander and write a public apology.


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